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StartupsSales Pitch
July 14, 2017

Customer Lead Generation in a World where Customers have Options

In today's ever-changing market, your customers have options. Lots of options. So, how do you attract them amongst all the competition? And when you do, how do make sure they stay and remain loyal customers? Well, lead generation can help with…
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closing sales techniques - Lori Greiner
Sales Pitch
July 5, 2017

Greatest Sales Closing Techniques – Close like Lori Greiner!

Closing is the time all your sales skills pay off. And building a healthy sales funnel is essential, to closing sales. Salespeople must understand how the funnel works, in order to close more sales, because…
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Coca Cola Zalima Favorite Moment
Sales Pitch
April 17, 2017

Which one is your Favorite Zalima Moment?

Last year well that is not so back when we shared Zalima Coca Cola Pila De Video/Song review. Purely intended for design critique, we were judging the marketing potential of it (a-cheap-song-remarketting-advert) as a scheme.…
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Sales Pitch
January 9, 2017

The 5 Elements of a Brilliant Sales Narrative

Once upon a time, on a bright and sunny day in Lahore, we crafted the "One Minute Sales Presentation," made a couple of hundred copies, and our stock went up by almost 20x as sales shot…
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