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What Lessons are we left with After Islamabad Dharna?

By December 1, 2017 No Comments

We are voicing concerns of institutions trying to do the things which are not their constitutional duties. The most powerful institution of the state has endorsed maniacs calling for open genocide of a subset of the population it is responsible for protecting in the first place. Some say, the Army handled the situation as it was instructe, since it was called upon by the court and Government under article 245. However, the entire events show where we stand, and Army is just like the rest of our institutions in some regards. Whoever intends to prove certain institution or group as angels in principally wrong.

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Khadim Hussain Rizvi is a religiously motivated extremist

He believes in the supremacy of a certain brand of religion. As for the truth value of his statement, the written agreement claims that his ‘tehrik’ is grateful for the intervention of the COAS, which ‘averted a major disaster’. The army basically gave him a free pass, so what incentive would he have to lie? You will be elated to read the Justice Shaukat Aziz remarks:

Who is the Army to adopt a mediator’s role? inquired the judge. Where does the law assign this role to a major general?

I fear for his safety. Hope he doesn’t end up in some unmarked grave in Khuzdar. There can be nothing more shameful than when a Justice fear for his life and openly admits to the fear of being added to the list of missing persons. These are his actual words. It’s grossly outrageous. The IHC judge, while declaring his love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH), said that these remarks could cost him his life or add him to the list of missing persons’.

Here is a list of some questions this dharna left:

1. Would Pak Army allow for Open Genocide

The army chief instead of following the orders of the chief executive became a mediator, pointed out Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui as a hearing into the Faizabad protest was underway at the high court on Monday. Last line of the statement issued by the Khatam e nabuwat jammat:

Ye muahida COAS ki koshisho ki wajah se ho paya, unho ne qaum ko saanhay se bacha liye.

Firstly, did Army on behalf of the state allow Government or Protestors to commit genocide. I am also assuming our reader has not read the terms of the agreement. They are atrocious, and it was the responsibility of the arbitrator to reach a mutual agreement, rather than basically handing over everything. Army is supposedly the strongest institution in the country, if you were so easily held hostage by a bunch of street goons into accepting illegitimate demands, maybe you need to reassess your capabilities. Secondly, if the demands had not been accpeted would they have dispersed? And the daily loss of millions of rupees be avoided? So, assuming these guys are given a free hand, would we see 4 million dead Ahmedis on our streets?

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2. Did we want another Laal Masjid?

By involving Army, were the Government wanting an aversion from conviction of Nawaz Sharif and his galore of felony. Police took strict action and what did it acheive? Nothing but a nation wide stand-still situation. Police is ill-equipped to handle such situations, even though they were diligent. You can do crowd control without having to KILL anyone. As far as ground reports are concerned, rangers basically did NOTHING. Police had pushed back the protestors and were 50 feet away from the stage, while rangers were bystanders in the whole scene. The next wave of protestors were equipped with advanced weaponry and they forced the police to fall back. Had the rangers contributed to the operation EFFECTIVELY, the situation would have been controlled sooner. They ALLOWED it to get worse. It is a cumulative failure of governance, and that does not exonerate the army. How can we improve the vigilance capacity of policing forces is a question.

3. Army distributing Rs. 1000 to Protestors

Look we know how the mullahs have been screwing the country for the past week. And then a DG Rangers comes and says hum apke saath nahi? I mean that is shameful. Why give them so much izzat, unless you have a soft corner for them? It doesn’t mean they orchestrated it, but the fact that they don’t care about the massive economic loss and destruction to public property is distressing. An institution that is supposed to serve the country is enjoying a bunch of thugs killing and making life miserable for its citizens.

Ye lo toffiyan, buhat buhat shukriya for disrupting national security and peace.

An institution that uses builds corporations on subsidized lands and tax breaks is basically monopolizing the market. Over time, the corporation has become so entrenched in the society that few army brats disregard the obvious ramifications by claiming it is naturally filling a void in the civilian setup. Oh and while we’re at this, maybe let’s not gleefully hand out 1,000 Rs as well, right?

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Wouldn’t look bad if the army managed to show disgust at the demands of the goons as well. Which I assume they didn’t, cause they:

  1. either believed in the legitimacy of the demands, or
  2. don’t care since it highlights government’s incapability to handle the situation,

further improving army’s credibility in front of a few army brats.

Punjab Rangers DG hands out Rs. 1,000 /- for every protestor released. So this DG is not representative of the institution? Don’t you swear to uphold its values when you take the oath? And they disobeyed a direct command as well, when earlier they were asked to control the situation. They didn’t stop the drama, they brokered a deal, which basically screws up this country even more.

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4. Army Participating over Economy

The country has barely seen any competent politician. I never deny it. The military has ruined the country. That is what the majority denies. But, you cannot bite the hand that feeds you, and that I respect and understand. Nothing in the constitution disallows the military to comment on economic issues, but that’s not the point AT ALL. The military has played a major role in the economic regression of this country. It’s ironic how they think they have the right to discuss economic issues.

On the other hand, COAS is subservient to the Premier. Can an army Captain question the authority of a General? Controling mob was their constitutional duty. Reference is  Jinnah’s quote on Armed forces. Jinnah is the founding father, no? His opinion should weigh with anybody. Also, let me do the honors of pointing out the obvious. It is the constitutional RIGHT of a certain institution to build societies, acquire lands by forcing out farmers, carry out extra judicial executions, train jihadis, right? OH and also run Industrial complexes, build schools etc etc. List goes on and on and on. But that’s all constitutional. The billion dollar military-industrial complex is what we need. We all feel safe because we get to eat fauji cornflakes.

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