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Many times, people scourge the depths of the city they live in just to find the life-saving medicine they desperately need. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a reliable source for authentic medicines, that some party could conveniently deliver them at your doorstep on demand? That’s where sehat.com.pk enters the picture as leading online pharmacy in Pakistan.

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The idea of sehat.com.pk was conceived by the 4th generation of the Fazal Din Family – successfully operating in the healthcare space of Pakistan since 1948. In the wake of multiple ‘fake medicine’ crises due to lack of quality control from decentralized sources, Sehat was finally launched in early 2014 after 2 years of intense research and development. Sehat operates from a centralized warehouse facility in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan. Due to its extensive relationships with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and courier services, it is available to deliver genuine medicines to 300+ locations in Pakistan.

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The following are the salient features of Sehat that set it apart from the others:
• Pharmacist Consultation (0311 11 73428)
• Whatsapp Prescription feature (0320 20 73428)
• Order Scheduling for multiple orders
• Multiple Payment Options (including credit card and online banking)
• Store Credit (wallet associated with your account on sehat.com.pk)
• Direct-from-manufacturer supplies
• Ability to facilitate others in getting specialty medicine

Sehat Online Pharmacy Kit

Sehat has aimed to revolutionize the healthcare industry in Pakistan since its inception and it certainly hasn’t failed to impress thus far. It is currently creating new products (namely First Aid Kits) on its portal and plans to bring leading medical diagnostic devices to Pakistan.

It’s even begun to run a Coke-esque campaign by sending branded, customized First Aid Kits to leading organizations in the country.

The following are the list of achievements completed by sehat.com.pk thus far:
• First online pharmacy to deliver nationwide in Pakistan (Inception)
• First retail pharmacy to offer corporate vaccinations
• First Startup to release a Cricket World Cup Anthem in Pakistan (“De Chakka”)
• Started home vaccination program in 3 cities of Pakistan in early 2015 in conjunction with Pfizer
• Best Healthcare Startup 2016 (2016 Startup Expo – Startup Magazine)
• Partnered with leading medical insurer in Pakistan for provision of medicines through insurance for employees of leading corporations in Pakistan
• Partnered with charity organizations for provision of medicines to affected areas
o Interior Punjab during droughts
o Tharparkar
o Malakand
• Held nationwide survey for notification of dengue vaccine in Pakistan

Sehat has so much to offer the consumer through its 3 main USP’s: affordability, reliability, and convenience. Just through a click of a button, you can order your medicines and have them delivered to your doorstep. Quality control is fully maintained through a centralized warehouse that is temperature maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 52 weeks a year. #yehaapkisehathai

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