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Human Resource

The Right Fit The Ideal Team Player
Human Resource
May 22, 2017

The Ideal Team Player: Handbook to effective interviewing finding the Right Fit

In this competitive world,new methodologies are developed to hire a candidate.In picking candidates it also is important to see that they have done their research on the firm, its business model, and the possible fit…
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what was your last salary
Human Resource
May 1, 2017

What was your Last Salary?

What was your last salary? New York City has passed a ban on this type of question by employers in the interview process. That would be illegal in EU also, so if asked applicants are…
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Potential Employee 30 min
Human Resource
April 19, 2017

Can you Judge Potential Employee inside 30 minutes?

Recruitment is a very delicate task, if you hire one good resource, he/she can take your company to new heights. The way a human reply to your answers with in a short span of 30…
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Startup Owners Newly Hired Ceos
Human ResourceStartups
April 5, 2017

Startup owners how much is enough for your newly hired CEO?

A wise man once said, pay your people enough so that money is no longer on the table. For the startup owners who are now shifting the responsibilities to newly hired CEOs, there is no fairness…
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Talented People
Human ResourceLeadership
January 13, 2017

Attract, Find, Keep Talented People

Most managers are infamously insecure and focused on their personal self-interests than bringing in talented people as parts of their team. The number one self-interest being their command and control of subordinates, and staunchly disinterested…
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Human ResourceProfessionalism
January 12, 2017

What is Your Market Worth?

Like any other investment, employers must look at their employees in the context of ROI. In many cases, you get what you pay for in terms of retention and productivity. While employers should also value…
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Performance Appraisal
Human Resource
October 6, 2016

Performance Appraisal

5 Reasons as to why you should appraise performance of your employees regularly? By performance appraisal, we mean evaluating an employee's current and/or past performance relative to his or her performance standards. According to Newstrom,…
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