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Pakistani citizenship by naturalization

From 1950s-1980s there were lot of migrants from different area of China and some stayed and some went back.Feng Lin Cui, issued Pakistan National Identity Card on April 24th 2017, is point of disucssion. It is common citizenship law in many countries and this guy’s parents are not first foreigners to get Pakistani nationality by naturalization.

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The current Interior Minister of Pakistan after being asked of the impact of CPEC on Pakistanis giving away their nationality just like that to foreigner Chinese says:

His parents were naturalized as Pakistani citizens in 1989, decades before CPEC was Born. — Ahsan Iqbal

“Naturalization” is the process whereby you become a citizen of another country. The process varies greatly. In GCC and North African countries it’s virtually impossible. Even many people born in those countries and living there all their life do not get citizenship. The other problem is that many of these countries will make you give up your old citizenship, and depending which citizenship(s) you currently have, your “old” country might strip you of your citizenship.

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In more liberal countries such as northern Europe it’s usually much easier. There the problem is getting a visa to live there in the first place. Often you only need to live there (without getting in trouble) for 2–10 years, learn the language, pass a simple test, and that’s about it. Sometimes you have to affirm that you intend to stay, and that you support the country, etc. Generally Wikipedia has good and simple information about becoming a citizen of each country. For example, it tells you how to become a citizen of Germany: German nationality law – Wikipedia

Process of Naturalization for Pakistnai Nationality

I mean seriously how you naturalize? I am just confused. Pakistani law *does* have certain restricted pathways for citizenship through naturalization, but they’re VERY restricted.  It’s a very vague law (Article 9, Citizenship Act 1951):

9. Citizenship by Naturalization.

The Central Government may, upon an application made to it in that behalf by any person whohas been granted a certificate of naturalization under the Naturalization Act, 1926, registerthat person as a citizen of Pakistan by naturalization:

Provided that the Central Government may register any person as a citizen of Pakistan withouthis having obtained a certificate of naturalization as aforesaid.

There are a few countries that will give citizenship to rich people who don’t even live there. Not many though. There are a bunch more that will give residency to rich people who don’t live there yet. If you then do live there for a year or two you can often get citizenship. The countries that do this change all the time, and if you are really really rich most countries will sort out something for you, but most famous are: Malta, Vanuatu, Panama (residence only, I think), Dominica.

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If this applies to you, (i.e. if you are Jack Ma rich), google for “citizenship by investment” or “residence by investment”. If you’re not rich, the hard part with most developed countries is getting a visa. Once you got a visa, like I said, it’s mainly just a matter of doing time living there, to get citizenship. This is one thing to think about when you’re applying to move overseas. If you never want to move back, then Europe is better than, say, UAE, because you can get naturalized in Europe but it’s almost impossible in the UAE. If you just want to tour beautiful places around the world then you are most welcome to read this article about Pakistan.

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How Foreigner Chinese People are Adopting Pakistani Nationality through Naturalization?
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How Foreigner Chinese People are Adopting Pakistani Nationality through Naturalization?
What is the process of acquiring Pakistani Nationality through Naturalization?
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