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What’s wrong with Social Media?

With the invent of social media, we have seen that people who did not have a vast political cognizance are champions to portray whatsoever image of the political discourse in Pakistan, much like the rest of the world.

Merely, one can exaggerate on what they find suitable for a specific audience. It gets viral through blogs which appeal the majority out there; it gets heralded for nothing most of the time. People support idea and not what is being said and are not concerned with the director and his or her credibility on the topic. It is for this reason, since anyone can publish political opinions (right or wrong) easily, standards for covering news and political topics has declined.

A Fraction Too Much Friction

In the real world we all face obstacles to getting what we want. Propaganda managers don’t always provide us with exactly what we’d like to know to make an informed choice, or exactly the right slogans for our needs and desires— let alone at the right tagline. The claim can be further investigated with examples coming from last presidential elections in United States which earned Obama a second term. It’s seen that on major issues like health care, Obama administration struggled when incorrect and out of the context policy statements were attributed with them. They had to face the music.

Misinterpreted policy statements regarding individual taxation in Obama-care served an evidence of how social media played and molded the circumstances against Obama. A rebuttal was evident. This time through official forums. Earlier on, in previous presidential elections, Barrack H. Obama, faced racist remarks when he was portrayed to be a Muslim, as if being a Muslim was a guilt in free America. Obama had to come on print media and televised media to remove this misconception; yet bringing harmony among different races which live in America.

Most recently, the probable attack on Syria against its possession and harmful use of chemical weapons on its people has faced a serious opposition. Thereby, confusing the resolve to fight against terrorism. However, the increased use of Social Media by high-up officials suggest that people can now access true versions of the concerned representative through their twitter handles which get updated on a routine basis. The U.S. President, the strongest man on the planet, himself talks to the people of the world and gets valuable input for time to time issues.

Finally, one can adhere to the opinion that excessive and easy access to a person who does not matter can sometimes change the apprehension of someone who matters. Misquotations and misinterpretations of sensitive issues usually calls for contradictions and demands explanation and thus destroying the quality of political discourse in the Pakistan as much in anywhere in the world. The dynamics of print media and televised journalism are yet to be judged for their standards. We all know how they set up prime time topics.

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