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Religious Affairs

Pork Banned
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October 8, 2017

Is Pork Banned for non-Muslims and Atheist Chinese in Pakistan?

Well, it is just a matter of time when the chinese fully take control of our society because, let's face it, realistically we are gonna default on our loan that we are so gratefully taking…
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Hijri Calendar
Religious Affairs
February 5, 2017

Conversation of the Century between Two Scientists

Mr. Khalid Islam one of the renowned Physcist from Pakistan held a conversation on Hijri Calender in a LinkedIn Post: Guess the Most Stable and Predictable Calendar of the World? Knowing my interest, Mr. J.…
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FeaturedReligious Affairs
November 25, 2016

The Leader of Ummah

Today we present some textbook recalls about the incidents of Holy Prophet's life. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, remember the role model of Ummah, the best of creation: Prophet Muhammad When becoming humiliated,…
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