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introducing the webinar with ismail blogger

Beginning your webinar with a spoken introduction from a designated host lends a professional quality to your event and lets the audience know what to expect from the webinar. Have someone other than a webinar presenter give the webinar introduction. This person can be designated as the webinar host. Write an introduction script for the host to read from. The introduction should be very brief. The introduction should tell the audience three main things, the topic and title of the webinar, who will be presenting the webinar, and any instructions that attendees need to know to participate in the webinar. Plan what will be shown on the screenduring the host’s introduction.

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How to Webinar like a Pro?

You can create one or multiple slides to show during the host’s introduction. Start by welcoming the audience and let the audience know that they’re in the right place at the right time, by stating the title and a brief description of the webinar event. Let the audience know what to do if they’re having technical issues or if they have a question. The host can invite the audience to use the Q&A tool if they have technical issues or content questions. If there will be polls during the webinar, it can also be beneficial to practice a poll during the introduction. The practice poll can ask a simple yes or no question, like can you hear the presenter.



Webinar Free!

End your introduction by introducing the presenters and any quest speakers. If appropriate, give a short bio for each presenter. Make sure that the host has connected using presenter privileges and that their audio is turned on, not muted. Once the introduction is complete and the first speaker begins the presentation, the host should go on mute. Have the host practice introducing the webinar using the introduction script during the webinar rehearsal a few days before the event. Here’s how an introduction from a host might sound. Welcome to today’s Solar Products webinar from Zorays Solar.

Go Webinar!

Our presenters today are two of our sales representatives, Lisa Mar.lee and Ray Nguyen. They will introduce you to some of the latest innovative solar products on the market today. If you have any questions during the webinar, please type them into the Q&A tool on the right side of your screen and click submit. Our team will work to answer your questions as soon as possible.Let’s begin the webinar with sales representative, Ray Nguyen, who will lead our presentation today. Your host does not have to be an expert in the subject matter you’re presenting. Having a host introduce your webinar can get your webinar off to a smooth start.

The featured image comprises of a screenshot taken from Mr. Ismail Blogger‘s Facebook Webinar Event.



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