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Priya Prakash Varrier

Indian Muslims Object to Winking Priya Prakash Varrier

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It is a known fact 18-year-old Malayali actress, Priya Prakash Varrier has become an internet sensation overnight, after a teaser from her film “Oru Adar…

New Year Night DHA Car Accident: Driver was Not at Fault

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Hope the driver gets locked up for the rest of their life if they were drunk. We don’t need such reckless drivers on the road…

Pakistani Wedding Event Planners

Top 22 Pakistani Wedding Event Planners for 2018

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It’s Wedding Season and we are shortlisting 22 highly present out of a not so exhaustive 71 Pakistani wedding event planners in Pakistan. 1 Nadeem…

Young Leaders' and Entrepreneurs' Summit YLES 18

Young Leaders’ & Entrepreneurs’ Summit 2018 (YLES ‘18)

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LUMS Entrepreneurial Society (LES) is to kick off the biggest student organized business event in Pakistan, Young Leaders’ & Entrepreneurs’ Summit 2018 (YLES ‘18) from…

Young Leaders' and Entrepreneurs' Summit YLES 18

Young Leaders’ & Entrepreneurs’ Summit 2018 (YLES ‘18)

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LUMS Entrepreneurial Society (LES) is to kick off the biggest student organized business event in Pakistan, Young Leaders’ & Entrepreneurs’ Summit 2018 (YLES ‘18) from…

business model Pakistani Incubators

Shhhush!! Don’t Share Your Business Model with Pakistani Incubators

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So frustrating to see that incubators want you to present a business model? Are you afraid that your idea will go wasted and someone else…

startup tools and technology directory

[List] Startup Tools and Technology Directory

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Access to tools was a famous slogan in the 1970s, at the beginning of the information age. Captured in the pages of the Whole Earth Catalog, it embodied an…

maximize startup website traffic

[Guide] Create an SEO Strategy to Maximize Startup Website Traffic

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Another critical piece of inbound marketing is creating an SEO strategy to maximize traffic, your startup website traffic. You won’t get very far if your website can’t…

Technological World
financial reports

How Artificial Intelligence write the personalized communications of financial reports automatically

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Nowadays the industry, which has been hurt after the financial crisis, is being faced with numerous challenges such as regulation, Fintech, Internet-enabled business models, non-financial…

Business Analytics Products

Innovation in your Business Analytics Products 2018

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Nowadays, everyone, from students to corporate executives and MNCs presence across continents needs to deal with massive amounts of data. Without proper analysis and understanding…

business intelligence analytic products

Innovate and Differentiate Your Business Intelligence Analytics Product

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The recent growth of large data sets, better math, and increasingly cost-effective data storage options made “Big Data” accessible to everyone. Marketing Executives, Technology Leaders…

disrupted business intelligence

Making Disrupted Business Intelligence (BI) Truly Conversational in 2018

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Humans can readily recognize a few thousand kinds of things—roughly the number of picturable nouns in human languages. Lower animals likely distinguish vastly fewer kinds…

Design Critique & Marketing
Sales Performance Metrics

6 Sales Performance Metrics that Matter Most for the Success of Your Team

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One of the biggest mistakes a sales manager can make is to focus solely on quotas and revenue. While this adds to the bottom line,…

New Google Logo

Asymmetric Visual Compensation of Balanced New Google Logo (Case Study)

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Not everything must or should be geometric. It’s a visual compensation, the way Google made that G is a lot nicer than the geometric one. I…

The Rule of Three Typefaces: Using Serif, Sans Serif, and Slab Serif

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Conventional design wisdom can often be a good thing. And conventional wisdom tell us, that even the most complex projects require no more than three typefaces. Or more…

Great Sales Pitch

The Art of a Great Sales Pitch

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Today’s sales ‘pitches’ are no longer simply a stack of information thrown at prospects. Instead, effective sales pitches today are two-way conversations. Listening to a…

Lifestyle & Leisure
adnan farooq

Live – Intersecting Food Abuse Among Children with Adnan Farooq

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Do you feel guilt eating, say buying a 1000 rupee pastry to your child for example, when undernourished population in Pakistan is 22.0 percent, and…


Bastion: He Steals the City’s heart. Might as Well.

| Sports and Gaming | No Comments

Bastion is a textbook example of a game — like Braid or Cave Story — that encourages critical analysis off the bat. The story happening as you play the…

INSIDE is a Violent Fairy Tale of Fighting the System

| Sports and Gaming | No Comments

Inside is a 2D puzzle platformer that builds upon what made “Limbo” great, and in fact builds something greater. It comes as a refreshment from…


Undertale RPG Review

| Sports and Gaming | No Comments

Undertale, from amazing music to a heartwarming gameplay captures the hearts of people of all age groups around the world. Toby Fox, the game director,…

muniba mazari husband feminazi

Muniba Mazari Husband Side of Story (Offensive to Feminazi)

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I’ve got something to say about Muniba Mazari’s hot topic taking the internet by storm. I first heard Muniba Mizari at a TEDxIslamabad conference. She…

What Lessons are we left with After Islamabad Dharna?

| Pakistan Affairs | No Comments

We are voicing concerns of institutions trying to do the things which are not their constitutional duties. The most powerful institution of the state has endorsed…

Pakistani citizenship by naturalization

How Foreigner Chinese People are Adopting Pakistani Nationality through Naturalization?

| Pakistan Affairs | No Comments

From 1950s-1980s there were lot of migrants from different area of China and some stayed and some went back.Feng Lin Cui, issued Pakistan National Identity…

Send Facebook Friend Request to Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

| Society | No Comments

Communicating responsibly on social media has been a contentious issue at best. Examples include primitive neanderthals like Ansar Abbasi and Hamza Ali, who regularly project…

Global Affairs
Civil Rights

Civil Rights: I Have a Dream (Perspective in 2018)

| American History | No Comments

Civil rights are intended to protect individuals. They are embodied rights in civil law and affect a person’s liberty and freedom from discrimination giving them…

cuban missile crisis political decision making

Cuban Missile Crises and Political Decision Making Paradigms of the US

| American History | No Comments

Cuba as a country till the day has kept to its own, and remains communist, hurting its own people. A definite threat to peace had…

North Korean Situation

Valuable Leadership Lessons to Learn from US – North Korean Situation in 2018

| Global Affairs | No Comments

Today we are helping you develop negotiation skills with great current affairs analogy on North Korean Situation. Business is business. The business of war is now…

Immersive Technology Predictions

5 Immersive Technology Predictions Meaning End of Capitalism!

| Social Media, Technological World, Global Affairs | One Comment

God, our Creator, has placed three boundaries for our well being. These are Space, Time and Life. However, we have been attempting to cross these…

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