Startups from Pakistan Leather poducts

20 Companies from Pakistan focusing Leather Products

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Looking for ‘Leather’ products manufacturers or suppliers based in Pakistan. Pakistani leather goods are world-renowned including products like wallets, cardholders, clutches, etc. Here are some startups providing premier quality, tailor-made, customized leather products like Jackets, Shoes, Wallets,…

iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X has Competition

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It’s time for the umpteenth iPhone, and plenty of fans are shouting, “Shut up and take my other kidney too!” But is it time to take profits? In Apple’s subterranean Steve Jobs Theater, CEO Tim…

ConsoliAds – Game Promotion and Ad Mediation Platform

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Consoliads is an ad mediation network for game developers. On the launch of its new SDK it reached us at directly to send personalized offers and gifts. We received excellent promotional material containing a…

good hosting in Pakistan

[List] 35 Reasonably Good Hosting and Cheap Domain Providers in Pakistan

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Good, Cheap and Fast – when it comes to hosting you can pick any two qualities. If you are wondering what’s economical and good hosting and domain registration company we recommend to host multiple websites…




maximize startup website traffic

[Guide] Create an SEO Strategy to Maximize Startup Website Traffic

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Another critical piece of inbound marketing is creating an SEO strategy to maximize traffic, your startup website traffic. You won’t get very far if your website can’t be found by anybody on Google or any of the search…

buyer negotiator

How to Tell the Difference between a Buyer and Negotiator

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There are buyers who have goals and then there are the negotiators. These are the purchasing type people who’s sole job is to get lower prices. All they do is negotiate. If you want to sell major deals, you need…

What are the economies of scale

What are the Economies of Scale?

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When you produce a product or a service, you need to know what your costs are. Economies of scale can be described as the phenomenon where the more you produce (scale), the lower the average cost per product. Economies…

Product Costs analyzed

Types of Product Costs to Consider for Your Startup

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Now, let’s consider how you might measure and control product and period cost in a variety of organizations. How would you measure product costs for a merchandiser having a startup? Actually, that’s a fairly easy question. The resources spends to acquire…

Business Modelling Masterclass- Business Meets Funding

1 Ultimate Crypto Currency Investing Program + Extras

Preparing Financial Statements for Auditors

The advanced guide to writing McKinsey-style keynotes in the way that works in any industry




Technological World

Building Your Technology Skills Using Vocabulary and Buzzwords

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When working with IT we often come across pieces of jargon that are overused and are in used inconsistently such that they develop an imprecise or unclear meaning. So today I’m gonna talk about a few buzzwords related to…

domain name provider

FAQs on Website Hosting and Domain Registration Guide for Startups

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Q. I’m about to start building a website but I’m new to the data hosting services… Should I choose a local web host company or a renowned company based in another country? A. Go for a renowned…

Cloud applications

How Cloud Technology is impacting our Day to Day Life?

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According to the recent stats about cloud technology, Amazon has seen the growth rate of more than 70% from its cloud services and this number will grow more in coming years. Another prediction is that…

how to change default appearance of New Documents in MS Word

Change Default Appearance of New Documents in Word

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If you use Microsoft Word, you’re probably accustomed to having to set up documents with your preferred fonts and layouts every time you create a new document just like Maryam Nawaz Sharif. Sure you could create a template…

Become an Augmented Reality Developer – Build 11 Augmented Reality apps using ARKit in iOS 11 and Swift 4

Cloud technology concept, terminology, security, storage

Start on-demand career as a Linux Server Admin and learn from real IT professionals with live Environment Sessions

Become Expert in Fundamentals Computer science and programming



Design Critique & Marketing
Great Sales Pitch

The Art of a Great Sales Pitch

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Today’s sales ‘pitches’ are no longer simply a stack of information thrown at prospects. Instead, effective sales pitches today are two-way conversations. Listening to a prospective buyer’s wants and needs is as important as providing…

sensory marketing principles

Sensory Marketing: Mental Stimulation in Display Ads

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Today we’re going to take a closer look at sensory marketing. Now, sensory marketing is nothing new, it’s been around for decades. But it’s gaining a lot of buzz again, and it’s worth reflecting on if you haven’t studied the concept. So,…

Optimize your Websites for better lead generation

Optimize your Website for Lead Generation

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Your website is the first impression that your prospect sees when learning about your company. So it’s incredibly important to optimize your website for lead generation. When it comes to converting leads into customers, your website will make or break…

sales channel marketing strategy

What is Sales Channel Marketing Management and Strategy?

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The primary goal of a sales team is, of course, sales. Achieving that may be straightforward for small organizations with a clear, single sales channel. However, complex businesses with many sales channels can benefit from…

Learn How To Create Original Fashion Website In Photoshop

The Ultimate Guide To Text Animation In After Effects

Learn how to turn your paper drawings into beautiful art. Presentable products that you can pitch or sell

Learn advanced texture creation and particle behaviors by creating your own custom AAA quality particle effects

Lifestyle & Leisure

[Myth Buster] Cholesterol is least to be bothered about this Bakra Eid

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Cholesterol is a steroid molecule. The cholesterol required by our body is produced in the body as well. Extra ingestion of cholesterol is not needed in general. Cholesterol circulates in blood and as blood cholesterol…

Mughal interior design studios

101 Interior Design Studios from Lahore

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Today if infrastructures in Pakistan are a little better than what there were in subcontinent, it is due to modern day constructors, builders, architects and, of course, interior designers. It was really difficult to restrict this interior…

foreigners visiting Pakistan

Testimonials of Foreigners visiting Pakistan for the first time

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Tourism in Pakistan is a growing industry, over 7 lac foreign tourists visited Pakistan last year. Below is the list of common people or celebrities who in recent times have visited Pakistan and were surprised…

Why Pakistani Graduates have to suffer after Graduating from Universities?

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Most of the Pakistanis search for a job after their graduation. Knowledge and resources about entrepreneurship is limited that is why they prefer to work for others. Universities are throwing a graduate in the market having no communication…

The Step-by-Step Comprehensive Guide on how to Draw Like a Master

Use the Provided Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to Budget for Any Trip

Essential Guide to a Perfect Wardrobe: Finding your Style

Screenwriting For Beginners: Structuring Your Compelling Screenplay The Hollywood Way


export of Pakistani products

Why Exports of Pakistani Products are Decreasing?

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Some may say it is Chinese market invasion, more number of opinion makers may declare internal law and order situation as a major culprit, while most rank Pakistan’s damaged outlook due to terrorism. Business in…

Peace Loving Pakistan – Making World a Safer Place to Live

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Pakistan joined hands with the US-led War on Terror and helped the Us forces by launching numerous successful operations against the terrorism group . In recent years the army has undertaken many joint operations that…

foreigners visiting Pakistan

Testimonials of Foreigners visiting Pakistan for the first time

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Tourism in Pakistan is a growing industry, over 7 lac foreign tourists visited Pakistan last year. Below is the list of common people or celebrities who in recent times have visited Pakistan and were surprised…

ayesha gulalai threatened

Ayesha Gulalai Did Not Deserve This

| Pakistan Affairs | No Comments

[Threatening Language/User Discretion] Politics in Pakistan has stooped so low that it no more is a respectable callings. Money, sex, scandals, foul language and that goes with this stinking profession has become acceptable in society….

Learn how to write, organize, and deliver an awesome and effective speech

The Hidden Bridge Between Enlightenment and Financial Success

Highly effective techniques for helping children to manage their emotions and to make managing the tricky times easier

Positive Psychology toolkit for your own Happiness project

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Global Affairs
Immersive Technology Predictions

5 Immersive Technology Predictions Meaning End of Capitalism!

| Social Media, Technological World, Global Affairs | No Comments

God, our Creator, has placed three boundaries for our well being. These are Space, Time and Life. However, we have been attempting to cross these divinely imposed limitations for our own good. And we have…

Online Social Media Banks

Social Media Banks

| Titantwister, Social Media, Global Affairs, E-Commerce | 13 Comments

With the accumulation of funds owned very large, perhaps only Google, Amazon, Facebook spread its wings into a bank, at least has a subsidiary specialized in banking that can support their business expansion. Globally, some…

Donald Trump NWO

Donald Trump: The New World Order

| American History, Global Affairs | No Comments

Many in Pakistan and elsewhere will be understandably shocked by Donald Trump winning in the US presidential election, the rhetoric around it and what the election result means for the rest of the world, as…

Hillary Shimmy

Hillary Shimmy – First Presidential Debate

| American History | One Comment

American heritage is threatened as much by their own indifference as it is by the most unscrupulous office or by the most powerful foreign threat. The future of American republic has always been in the hands of the…

Vocationally-Oriented Referring to Modern China – Basic Level

The Ultimate Arabic Reading and Writing Course for All Levels

A step by step guide in writing from paragraphs to essays

IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course

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