Pakistan Startup Culture

Why has Pakistan Startup Culture Failed Before it Actually Begun

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People didn’t get to know about y-combinator through social or electronic media. It was the success stories like DropBox, Stripe, Airbnb, Docker, Reddit that highlighted it. Sidra Riaz, Program manager at NIC, feels sorry for…


Facebook Remarketing using Abandoned Cart Messenger

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Many people go into Facebook Ads without a clear strategy and a proper sales funnel in place. It’s not just about setting up the audience. There are some other factors involved. Do you have website?…

pressing issues faced by Pakistani Youth

[Research] Pressing Issues faced by Pakistani Youth

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The youth of Pakistan has been facing many problems since long. However, some of the main problems facing by our Pakistani Youth, as highlighted in a Facebook Public post*, are: 1. Lack of Critical Thinking…

saudi women drivers

Saudi Arabia to Allow Saudi Women to Drive

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with women driving cars but why isSaudi Arabia using this to please the West? Finally, Musharraf’s contagion of enlightened moderation is getting to the Saudi’s to please their masters. After all they…

startup tools and technology directory

[List] Startup Tools and Technology Directory

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Access to tools was a famous slogan in the 1970s, at the beginning of the information age. Captured in the pages of the Whole Earth Catalog, it embodied an ethos of an emerging do-it-yourself culture. Today’s entrepreneurs are empowered with unlimited access…

maximize startup website traffic

[Guide] Create an SEO Strategy to Maximize Startup Website Traffic

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Another critical piece of inbound marketing is creating an SEO strategy to maximize traffic, your startup website traffic. You won’t get very far if your website can’t be found by anybody on Google or any of the search…

buyer negotiator

How to Tell the Difference between a Buyer and Negotiator

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There are buyers who have goals and then there are the negotiators. These are the purchasing type people who’s sole job is to get lower prices. All they do is negotiate. If you want to sell major deals, you need…

What are the economies of scale

What are the Economies of Scale?

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When you produce a product or a service, you need to know what your costs are. Economies of scale can be described as the phenomenon where the more you produce (scale), the lower the average cost per product. Economies…

Technological World
Big Data Venn Diagram

Big Data and Data Science Venn Diagram

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One of the important things about big data and data science is being able to distinguish it from other related fields with the help of data science Venn Diagram. The first one I want to…


Building Your Technology Skills Using Vocabulary and Buzzwords

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When working with IT we often come across pieces of jargon that are overused and are in used inconsistently such that they develop an imprecise or unclear meaning. So today I’m gonna talk about a few buzzwords related to…

domain name provider

FAQs on Website Hosting and Domain Registration Guide for Startups

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Q. I’m about to start building a website but I’m new to the data hosting services… Should I choose a local web host company or a renowned company based in another country? A. Go for a renowned…

Cloud applications

How Cloud Technology is impacting our Day to Day Life?

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According to the recent stats about cloud technology, Amazon has seen the growth rate of more than 70% from its cloud services and this number will grow more in coming years. Another prediction is that…

Design Critique & Marketing
New Google Logo

Asymmetric Visual Compensation of Balanced New Google Logo

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Not everything must or should be geometric. It’s a visual compensation, the way Google made that G is a lot nicer than the geometric one. I don’t think everything should have perfectly geometric shape, maybe they…

The Rule of Three Typefaces: Using Serif, Sans Serif, and Slab Serif

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Conventional design wisdom can often be a good thing. And conventional wisdom tell us, that even the most complex projects require no more than three typefaces. Or more preciously, three type families. Almost, all situations can be handled with…

Great Sales Pitch

The Art of a Great Sales Pitch

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Today’s sales ‘pitches’ are no longer simply a stack of information thrown at prospects. Instead, effective sales pitches today are two-way conversations. Listening to a prospective buyer’s wants and needs is as important as providing…

sensory marketing principles

Sensory Marketing: Mental Stimulation in Display Ads

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Today we’re going to take a closer look at sensory marketing. Now, sensory marketing is nothing new, it’s been around for decades. But it’s gaining a lot of buzz again, and it’s worth reflecting on if you haven’t studied the concept. So,…

Lifestyle & Leisure

How is a Role Playing Game Persona 5 invoking Social Capitalism?

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There are games about stories with roles with playing. Sometimes stories with games. Often playing with stories. Persona 5 is all in one. It evaluates the cool and dark side of Japanese High Schools, everyday…

Aliya Tipu Signature Salon Fraud

Aliya Tipu Signature Salon Fraud

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On being told that they are playing with women’s self esteem and money, Aliya Tipu Signature Salon calls it the creativity of a make up artist. Although, must add anyone who might marry the model on…

Pork Banned

Is Pork Banned for non-Muslims and Atheist Chinese in Pakistan?

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Well, it is just a matter of time when the chinese fully take control of our society because, let’s face it, realistically we are gonna default on our loan that we are so gratefully taking…

Imad Waseem Scandal – How to Check Fact vs. Fiction Online

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More recently, an Afghan-descent Dutch girl accused Imad waseem for cheating. Whereas, Imad denied the allegations! Norwegian girl claims Imad booked a hotel in London for three days and asked her to come and stay there with him, Imad promised that…


Pakistani citizenship by naturalization

How Foreigner Chinese People are Adopting Pakistani Nationality through Naturalization?

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From 1950s-1980s there were lot of migrants from different area of China and some stayed and some went back.Feng Lin Cui, issued Pakistan National Identity Card on April 24th 2017, is point of disucssion. It…

Send Facebook Friend Request to Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

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Communicating responsibly on social media has been a contentious issue at best. Examples include primitive neanderthals like Ansar Abbasi and Hamza Ali, who regularly project populist opinion that is neither grounded in fact nor rationale….


MOST countries have armies, but in Pakistan the army has a country?

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Manage Economy, asks the Chief of Pak Army. Some related Army giving lectures on the economy similar to your house’s armed guard telling you how to spend your money. You’d always tell him to mind…

Aliya Tipu Signature Salon Fraud

Aliya Tipu Signature Salon Fraud

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On being told that they are playing with women’s self esteem and money, Aliya Tipu Signature Salon calls it the creativity of a make up artist. Although, must add anyone who might marry the model on…

Global Affairs
North Korean Situation

Valuable Leadership Lessons to Learn from US – North Korean Situation

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Today we are helping you develop negotiation skills with great current affairs analogy on North Korean Situation. Business is business. The business of war is now a bigger business than before. So what if a few…

Immersive Technology Predictions

5 Immersive Technology Predictions Meaning End of Capitalism!

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God, our Creator, has placed three boundaries for our well being. These are Space, Time and Life. However, we have been attempting to cross these divinely imposed limitations for our own good. And we have…

Online Social Media Banks

Social Media Banks

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With the accumulation of funds owned very large, perhaps only Google, Amazon, Facebook spread its wings into a bank, at least has a subsidiary specialized in banking that can support their business expansion. Globally, some…

Donald Trump NWO

Donald Trump: The New World Order

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Many in Pakistan and elsewhere will be understandably shocked by Donald Trump winning in the US presidential election, the rhetoric around it and what the election result means for the rest of the world, as…

Who is Arfa?

Arfa Software Technology Park



This Arfa Software Technology Park social media site is dedicated to Arfa Karim. Who is Arfa Karim? Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa (Urdu: ارفع کریم رندھاوا‎‎, 2 February 1995 – 14 January 2012) was a Pakistani student and computer prodigy who, in 2004 at the age of nine, became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). She kept the title until 2008. Source: Wikipedia