Personal Branding

Communication Strategy and Management is part of the Personal Branding principles we adhere to.

Nadine Super Model

Multi-Channel Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing

Cainwandmaker Corporate Profile

Traffic monitoring, Increase Social Media Engagement, Increase Website Performance, Lead Generation, Social Media Optimization, Internet Marketing.

Zorays Solar

Optimized websites by using Webmaster and Analytic tools.


Planning SEO strategies for higher SERP that include Manual submission.

Edhi Philanthropy

Building Strategy for Improve Websites Rank in Search Engine.


Conversion Optimization, Lead Buying / Selling, Mobile Optimization.

Mobile CV

Mobile CV Applications with Push Notifications | Mobile applications help enable *Brand management and marketing planning *Communications strategy and advertising campaign management *Digital marketing, on/offsite customer journey, acquisition and website management *Social media, Brand content and partnerships development

Concept patent filing & Investment Package

Building Investment/Sponsorship Packages for Liaison & Concept Patent.

Logo Design

Logo design: 3D Rendering and Architecture Design | Brand positioning and brand architecture

Desktop Shortcuts

Desktop Shortcuts, LinkedIn pages and other social media plugins.

Project Arfa

An indigenous IT Job Portal prepared as a Corporate Social Responsibility for Zorays Solar.

Zorays Solar

Web Intelligence and Big Data Visualization, Website Monetization.

Zorays Solar Play Store

A bunch of tech savvy guys who called themselves Team Arfa Software Technology Park created this beautiful Quotation Mobile Application for Zorays Solar.

Zorays Solar App Store

Quality work by Team Arfa Software Technology Park in which we have conceived a theme for Zorays Solar brand; • their color profile & backgrounds • logo & trade marks | Our team enjoys a strong comfort with concepts in the areas of data analytics, and both traditional and digital marketing metrics and campaigns. We are proud of our sales and proposal management skills including working with the proposal teams through the development of project scope, vision, objectives and approach to solution the client’s issue..

Logo Reveal 3D

Logo Reveal approaches to present client products and brands over social media platforms.

Logo Intro

Logo & Graphic Design for large public companies, attorneys, financial institutions, and small businesses.


Pakistan sports goods manufacturing company Forward Sports got the contract from Adidas to make “official FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil” match balls. We have worked multiple industries, working with clients to develop a marketing vision and blueprint that aligned with the company strategy. We help create cross-channel marketing requirements for large, multi-channel enterprises. As well as help develop strong familiarity with digital marketing capabilities and technologies, especially in the digital, social and mobile arenas.


July 20, 2015