Sun. Mar 31st, 2019

Nasir Khan Jan the Facebook Sensation

Despite the fact that Pakistan has seen many social media uprisings, one individual has swept the tides with awesomeness. His name: Nasir Khan Jan. He is an excellent influencer and has began his online business with affiliate and influencer marketing. Unfortunately, Nasir Khan Jan has received a lot of criticism for his unique style and his Facebook page was also hacked couple of months back. Nasir likes to become a model and somewhat disapprove of the Chai Wala Syndrome. Watch carryminati’s “this is your valentine” video and enjoy your rest of your life.

Nasir Khan Jan as a Facebook Sensation:

Nasir Khan Jan did not attain his fame overnight. He likes to give paid shoutouts and packages start worth Rs.3000/- for short interval videos. His work can be seen on his Facebook page. The following slides would explain as to why he has attained so much success with his Video micro-blogging technique.

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Disclaimer: There is no satire intended and we believe in him and his ambitions including featuring in a Karan Johar film. Go to his Facebook page and watch his videos. You will get to know about Nasir Khan Jaan.


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