Sun. Mar 31st, 2019

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme will also get Solar Panels

So far, NADRA has issued over 5 million ‘Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme (NPHS) forms as the applicants are taking a keen interest in the housing project announced by the Premier Imran Khan. The project contain 5 Million homes which will be built by Private investment firms and then it will be given to people who really need it through banking channel. So far, Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme has attracted 41 qualifying bidders. The project will be initiated from Karachi. Zorays Solar Pakistan takes the lead to motivate the advisors for Prime Ministers Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme so that they incorporate Solar into the building codes of these apartments and household.

We have launched our most ambitious, landmark housing policy of building 5mn homes in 5 yrs. InshaAllah this will provide affordable houses for our less privileged strata of society, plus 6mn jobs, create demand in 40 industries directly involved in house building & attract FDI. — Imran Khan

Pakistan is failing to keep up with desire to achieve 10 % renewable energy contribution towards its energy mix by 2025. Installing off-grid photovoltaic solar solutions can better help achieve this goal after an understanding of consumer trends through market segmentation is realized. The title of the report submitted is: “Market Segmentation, Design and Cost Analysis of 1 kW Off-Grid Photovoltaic System based on Consumer Energy Consumption Behavior in Pakistan”. And so is the canvas of Prime Minister’s initiative based proposed household i.e. 3 marla etc. The case study comprises on Smart Design, Easy Finance and model bringing Peace of Mind. It incorporates a journal duly submitted with Perspectives in Science International journal with reviewers such as Dr. Hadeed Ahmed Sher and Ms. Ayah Alfawaras.

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Naya Pakistan House Scheme Project to Start in January

Pakistan Government launches low-cost housing scheme for 7 districts including Faisalabad, Islamabad and Quetta; more districts will be announced after 21 Dec 2018. Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is very positive step for the people homeless and I suggest to PM Pakistan that this scheme should be for the people who do not own any house in Pakistan, not for those who already have a house. Also, contractors and private construction firms must not emerge as the real beneficiaries of low-income housing schemes.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

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