Sun. Mar 31st, 2019

Selling Eight Buffaloes in the name of Pakistani Prime Minister Austerity Measures

The sale of all eight buffaloes belonging to the PM house fetched a total of Rs 2,302,000 in an auction held in Islamabad on Thursday.

Sometimes, I wonder why all these astonishing wonders such as Pakistani Prime Minister Austerity Measures happen in our part of the world. Since, this Government has taken over 100’s of billions are lost in Stock Market. Market always smell whats happening before anything. Stock market is down at a crucial level plus different economic issues are there that need to be taken care of, but no.

Facing huge debts and liabilities, it’s waaaaaay good to see a key plank in the cash-starved new government’s economic policy finally taking shape. The Pakistani premier’s house milked its livestock reserves Thursday, in the latest push for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s austerity drive.

Pakistani Prime Minister Austerity Measures

The auction of buffaloes was part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s austerity drive through which he plans on cutting down his government’s expenditures, which he believes will urge the nation faced with ailing economy to follow suit. The animals were allegedly bought to cater to the “gastronomic requirements” of former PM Nawaz Sharif.

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Your “goat keeper” now has to go

PM house’s eight buffaloes auction is an amazing antics of idiots in charge. Some say, it must have satisfied current cash-strapped PM’s ego by selling buffaloes which were gifted to Nawaz Sharif and not purchased exclusively for PM House from Government Funds. The 8 buffaloes, previously purchased by the Government of ousted premier Nawaz Sharif, fetched a total of Rs. 2.3 Million roughly US $19,000 despite these are cheap compared to the condo cows bred in Malaysia.

How funny is that PMLN workers among the buyers buying three of the cattle with a highest bid of Rs 385,000 saying they will gift them to their leader. Money spent on media publicity for auction by PM House: 15 Million Rupees. Now who was the big brain of Naya Pakistan behind the gimmick? Who will hold puppet PM accountable?

I purchased this buffalo owing to my affection for Nawaz Sharif, I will keep it as a symbol of Nawaz Sharif and our sister — said Qalb Ali — a resident of Jhangi Sayedan

Internationally, Pakistan is being satired on Social Media Platforms:

Pakistan PM Imran Khan all set to auction off 3 extra commodes, 4 buckets, 6 tubelights, 8 fans, 2 sofa cushions & 1 bed pillow from the PM House. The amount of money that they will receive would be enough to feed whole Pakistan for atleast 6 months.

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This way door of commission has been opened for procurement department. If there are buffaloes, it means PM house doesn’t need the milk from outside, simple. Now, after a procedure, PM house will purchase the milk which will be expensive than this. Die with your so called stunts. These buffalo were providing milk to 600+ staff of the PM house. Now, they’ll buy milk worth 2.3 milliom every month thus the door for commission has been opened. 600+ staff were using this milk freely now they will pay from their pockets? I imagine not. They’ve sold all the buffaloes of PM house in 2.3M now they’ll buy milk of 2M each month, disgusting!

Open Message to India:

Pakistan auctions PM House buffaloes. What about our white elephants, the Raj Bhawans? They are anachronism in today’s India. Move our Laat Sahibs into smaller dwellings. Hey also, if this continues, one day Pakistan will be on sale and out of the box! Interested?



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