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Mir Ali Khan
FeaturedFood For ThoughtPakistan Affairs
May 13, 2017

Mir Ali Khan: A Scoundrel – Hoax – Fraud

Unfortunate for the many who were actually listening and idealising his faux, if you read the article, SECP has detailed what violations Mir Ali Khan has done and provided evidences against cirminal methods of his…
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Kaymu Failed in Pakistan
May 8, 2017

6 reasons Kaymu failed in Pakistan?

eCommerce in Pakistan needs more time or some good investments which is not coming around to anyone. Big names are still struggling, all stores are selling same products no matter how much big or small…
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Disney teaches Business Brand principles
April 8, 2017

5 Lessons Disney Teaches Startups about building a Business Brand

Who would have thought that a clear purpose & set of values on how to do business & work with their people would lead to success. Disney's brand value increases 14% to a whopping $39.5…
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Nokia 3310 Second Life
March 1, 2017

Does the Nokia 3310 have a Second Life?

Nokia Brand retention is great and lower end budget satisfies basic need and durability which makes Nokia 3310 different from other popular brands. For example and without going in deeper details. All the present mobile…
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Trash Dove Gone Viral
February 15, 2017

Trash Dove Going Viral on Facebook

Thailand is famous for its notoriety. More recently, it has sought another identity: The Trash Dove. It has flown straight into internet fame. The purple, head-banging bird has taken over Facebook after going viral in…
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TCS Hazir A Bunch of Fools
February 10, 2017

TCS Hazir – A Bunch of Fools

Many who kept on knocking at the door of TCS Hazir customer service and got nothing except repeat blunders? Dr. Muhammad Iqbal - Lawn Project Consultant, CEO at Retail Doctor elaborated deep concerns on one of the Professional…
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PSL Game On Hai Trophy
FeaturedSports and Gaming
February 9, 2017

PSL Game On Hai

PSL Game On Hai: Five dominant teams from each region of Pakistan are featuring this PSL 2 2017 in U.A.E., also considered the second home for Pakistani Cricketers. International players such as Brendon McCullum, Eoin Morgan…
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FeaturedPakistan Affairs
February 5, 2017

Wapda ko Solar Bijli Bechain

Refrain from abusing Water and Power Development Authority and rather sell electricity back to the National Grid via National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC) regulated by National Electric Power Regualtory Authority (NEPRA) approved by Ministery of…
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Lahore Science Mela KSS
EventsTechnological World
January 24, 2017

Lahore Science Mela

The Lahore Science Mela, a merger of science and culture, invites everyone with open arms. Don't miss this chance of witnessing the grand festival in the heart of Pakistan, where science will breathe in all…
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Gujranwala 2.0
January 23, 2017

Gujranwala 2.0 IT K Pehlwaan

​One issue with the people from Gujranwala is that when they eat, they don't stop. Like literally. "Tikkay", "batair", "chirray" and anything. Gujranwala, as a district/city, has a unique radio station. Traveling past Gujranwala and…
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Tej Bahadur Yadav
Pakistan AffairsTrending
January 14, 2017

Brave Work Tej Bahadur Yadav

Bravo to Tej, the  for standing up and raising the voice on behalf of all Indian soldiers. Remember, he raised concerns over the quantity of food he gets on daily basis. The cook recently said that…
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December 24, 2016

Missing Basant from Old Lahore

Basant, the kite fighting competition, the once biggest event in the history of old Lahore is ever missed from the core of Lahori public. Lahoris have been deprived of their right of flying colors long…
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Pakistani Online
December 17, 2016

Top 35 Popular Pakistani Online Retail Stores

Titantwister has devised a Top 35 Online Retail Stores List showing the number of popular eCommerce options available for people to buy electronic equipment in Pakistan. This list of Top 35 eCommerce Online Retail companies…
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Pakistani Social Media 2017
December 9, 2016

Pakistani Social Media Guide 2017

Pakistani Social Media Marketing is manipulation and people buy on EMOTION! There is even evidence that allowing the mind a spell of boredom—in effect, resting the brain—leads to more creativity in subsequent tasks, an effect psychologists…
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FeaturedReligious Affairs
November 25, 2016

The Leader of Ummah

Today we present some textbook recalls about the incidents of Holy Prophet's life. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, remember the role model of Ummah, the best of creation: Prophet Muhammad When becoming humiliated,…
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negotiating styles
FeaturedOffice Diaries
November 19, 2016

Negotiating Your Needs

Negotiation is a process that meets various interests and needs. Should you ask for what you want anyway? Should you consider company policy and ask to be exempt? Are there any other negotiables you need to reconsider?…
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Workplace Artificial Intelligence
November 5, 2016

Workplace Artificial Intelligence

Workplace Artificial Intelligence is the best answer for tomorrow as our belief in intelligence losing naturally and gradually. Digital world is taking us for joy ride. With high confidence, we will observe multiple roles taken…
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nasir khan jan
November 5, 2016

Nasir Khan Jan the Facebook Sensation

Despite the fact that Pakistan has seen many social media uprisings, one individual has swept the tides with awesomeness. His name: Nasir Khan Jan. He is an excellent influencer and has began his online business…
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FeaturedSports and Gaming
October 25, 2016

Gaming Console Review

The PlayStation 4 is the most powerful gaming console on the planet, with more graphical power than the Xbox one; 3d times more system memory then the PS3 and a firm focus on pure gaming…
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