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Pakistan Startup Culture
November 4, 2017

Why has Pakistan Startup Culture Failed Before it Actually Begun

People didn't get to know about y-combinator through social or electronic media. It was the success stories like DropBox, Stripe, Airbnb, Docker, Reddit that highlighted it. Sidra Riaz, Program manager at NIC, feels sorry for…
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October 26, 2017

Facebook Remarketing using Abandoned Cart Messenger

Many people go into Facebook Ads without a clear strategy and a proper sales funnel in place. It’s not just about setting up the audience. There are some other factors involved. Do you have website?…
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pressing issues faced by Pakistani Youth
Pakistan AffairsFeatured
October 5, 2017

[Research] Pressing Issues faced by Pakistani Youth

The youth of Pakistan has been facing many problems since long. However, some of the main problems facing by our Pakistani Youth, as highlighted in a Facebook Public post*, are: 1. Lack of Critical Thinking…
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saudi women drivers
September 29, 2017

Saudi Arabia to Allow Saudi Women to Drive

I don't think there is anything wrong with women driving cars but why isSaudi Arabia using this to please the West? Finally, Musharraf's contagion of enlightened moderation is getting to the Saudi's to please their masters. After all they…
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Nauman Ali Khan Sick Headed Pervert
September 24, 2017

Nauman Ali Khan is a Sick Headed Pervert or is he?

Rabia Chaudry is a fellow of the Truman National Security Project and the New America Foundation. Don't be a blind follower to the screenshots floating on the ahmedi-ran media: you are educated enough to learn that I can also save…
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Startups from Pakistan Leather poducts
September 18, 2017

20 Companies from Pakistan focusing Leather Products

Looking for 'Leather' products manufacturers or suppliers based in Pakistan. Pakistani leather goods are world-renowned including products like wallets, cardholders, clutches, etc. Here are some startups providing premier quality, tailor-made, customized leather products like Jackets, Shoes, Wallets,…
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iPhone X
September 12, 2017

Apple’s iPhone X has Competition

It’s time for the umpteenth iPhone, and plenty of fans are shouting, “Shut up and take my other kidney too!” But is it time to take profits? In Apple's subterranean Steve Jobs Theater, CEO Tim…
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August 31, 2017

ConsoliAds – Game Promotion and Ad Mediation Platform

Consoliads is an ad mediation network for game developers. On the launch of its new SDK it reached us at Titantwister.com directly to send personalized offers and gifts. We received excellent promotional material containing a…
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good hosting in Pakistan
August 20, 2017

[List] 35 Reasonably Good Hosting and Cheap Domain Providers in Pakistan

Good, Cheap and Fast - when it comes to hosting you can pick any two qualities. If you are wondering what's economical and good hosting and domain registration company we recommend to host multiple websites…
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data driven sales techniques
FeaturedSales Pitch
August 3, 2017

Inside Sales Techniques: Use Visualizations To Support Your Data-Driven Team

It’s Another Manic Monday… Meeting It’s time for the weekly performance meeting again. As one of the key individuals in your company, you are duty-bound to attend yet another presentation about key metrics and target…
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Nawaz Sharif comes clean
July 28, 2017

[List] Elected Prime Ministers in Pakistan

Nawaz was like a school boy who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, not by his mother but by the all citizens of Pakistan. It was a tragedy waiting to happen. Right from…
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Weight loss gadgets
FeaturedHealth & Fitness
July 11, 2017

Losing Weight with Weight Loss Gadgets

The business world - and not only - keeps searching for the Holy grail to lose weight!! The magic pill to swallow does not exist... at least not yet. The elephant in the room is…
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Pakistan AffairsEconomy
June 29, 2017

How could the IMF come up with CPEC?

The International Monetary Fund has termed Pakistan's economic outlook as "favorable" with improved availability of energy, and growth-supporting structural reforms. According to latest report released by IMF, confidence of investors in Pakistan is growing as…
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Homo Digitalis a ride into future
June 2, 2017

Homo Digitalis: The future of Automation

The future is fast paced. Are we, we as mankind, stepping into "World 4.0" era ? Is "world 4.0" era better term than "Industry 4.0" ? Robots are scaring us, but, they are arriving in…
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Mir Ali Khan
Pakistan AffairsFeaturedFood For Thought
May 13, 2017

Mir Ali Khan: A Scoundrel – Hoax – Fraud

Unfortunate for the many who were actually listening and idealising his faux, if you read the article, SECP has detailed what violations Mir Ali Khan has done and provided evidences against cirminal methods of his…
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Kaymu Failed in Pakistan
May 8, 2017

6 reasons Kaymu failed in Pakistan?

eCommerce in Pakistan needs more time or some good investments which is not coming around to anyone. Big names are still struggling, all stores are selling same products no matter how much big or small…
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Disney teaches Business Brand principles
April 8, 2017

5 Lessons Disney Teaches Startups about building a Business Brand

Who would have thought that a clear purpose & set of values on how to do business & work with their people would lead to success. Disney's brand value increases 14% to a whopping $39.5…
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Nokia 3310 Second Life
March 1, 2017

Does the Nokia 3310 have a Second Life?

Nokia Brand retention is great and lower end budget satisfies basic need and durability which makes Nokia 3310 different from other popular brands. For example and without going in deeper details. All the present mobile…
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