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Google HQ Open Office Space
Office DiariesProductivityStartups
May 26, 2017

[Low on Budget] Are you willing to Work Inside an Open Office Space?

When noise cancelling headphones are worn 8 hours a day at work this should signal a problem. Some jobs, by their design (duties/tasks/scope), require private space and quiet, thus an open office plan is not…
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May 25, 2017

The Top 5 Things to Implement Best Business Ideas

Is Your Startup Idea Really A Business? Your experience, knowledge and communications will help you if you constantly study the best practicians! Fixing the Founding Team is Very, Very Painful. Take the time to get it…
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Dont Boss Like Nawaz Sharif
LeadershipPakistan Affairs
May 24, 2017

How to Not Boss Like Nawaz Sharif

Look, folks... like him or not, Nawaz Sharif was an iconic heir in the business world before his selection by General Zia. His management style both then and post election is quite appropriate for discussion on a…
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WhatsApp emerging social media technology in 2017
May 23, 2017

WhatsApp Emerging Social Media Technology

This is the age of the “Family” Whatsapp group. WhatsApp has built a community of more than 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide by allowing them to message friends for free. The service has become much…
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The Right Fit The Ideal Team Player
Human Resource
May 22, 2017

The Ideal Team Player: Handbook to effective interviewing finding the Right Fit

In this competitive world,new methodologies are developed to hire a candidate.In picking candidates it also is important to see that they have done their research on the firm, its business model, and the possible fit…
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Pakistani Startup Ideas Need Validation
May 21, 2017

Pakistani Startup Ideas Need Validation

In every cubicle is sitting a startup founder, dreaming and molding his innovative ideas. Who would not aspire to become the Gates and the Jobs instead of sitting in the confined to his 6x6 cubicle…
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Alibaba Local startups in Pakistan
May 16, 2017

How will Alibaba Pakistan Help Local Startups in Pakistan?

See the man in the pic above? No, not Nawaz Sharif! You recognize the person next to him? In case not, he is Jack Ma — the Chinese business magnate who is the symbol of China’s mobile…
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Mir Ali Khan
FeaturedFood For ThoughtPakistan Affairs
May 13, 2017

Mir Ali Khan: A Scoundrel – Hoax – Fraud

Unfortunate for the many who were actually listening and idealising his faux, if you read the article, SECP has detailed what violations Mir Ali Khan has done and provided evidences against cirminal methods of his…
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best tech startups GIKI
May 11, 2017

Best Tech Startups GIKI

The following best tech startups GIKI list comprises, in no specific order, of some of the best technology oriented startups from GIKI graudates (who act/acted as at least in their co-Founding roles): Groopic: Ever noticed your…
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Kaymu Failed in Pakistan
May 8, 2017

6 reasons Kaymu failed in Pakistan?

eCommerce in Pakistan needs more time or some good investments which is not coming around to anyone. Big names are still struggling, all stores are selling same products no matter how much big or small…
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Fast-growth startups must have experiences
May 2, 2017

Fast-growth Startups

All Fast-growth Startups or new businesses share some must have experiences and Business Elements: Product Policy is a Core Part of Fast-Growth Startups Marketing Marketing a product plays an important role , excessive good marketing…
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what was your last salary
Human Resource
May 1, 2017

What was your Last Salary?

What was your last salary? New York City has passed a ban on this type of question by employers in the interview process. That would be illegal in EU also, so if asked applicants are…
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No more hassle leading online pharmacy
April 27, 2017 – Pakistan’s Leading Online Pharmacy

Many times, people scourge the depths of the city they live in just to find the life-saving medicine they desperately need. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a reliable source for authentic medicines, that…
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Social Media Guru
April 25, 2017

There Is No Such Thing As A Social Media Guru

There are so many gurus about because charlatan is hard to spell. We are amazed at how many self proclaimed social media guru or even agencies continue to do business on templated strategy that they…
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Potential Employee 30 min
Human Resource
April 19, 2017

Can you Judge Potential Employee inside 30 minutes?

Recruitment is a very delicate task, if you hire one good resource, he/she can take your company to new heights. The way a human reply to your answers with in a short span of 30…
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Coca Cola Zalima Favorite Moment
Sales Pitch
April 17, 2017

Which one is your Favorite Zalima Moment?

Last year well that is not so back when we shared Zalima Coca Cola Pila De Video/Song review. Purely intended for design critique, we were judging the marketing potential of it (a-cheap-song-remarketting-advert) as a scheme.…
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LinkedIn Platform for Entrepreneurs and Startups
April 16, 2017

LinkedIn Platform for Entrepreneurs

Alright. Now that you decided to promote your startup better by giving social media marketing a try, which social media platform should you use? Should you use all, just a few or many? Social media…
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Success in r attitude
April 12, 2017

Success is all in right Attitude

For the pessimist, the glass is half empty. For the optimist, it is half full. Moving away from, or leaving conventional businesses is lauded as and when compared to innovating and bringing new ideas to predisposed plans.…
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YouTube pay commission per 1000 views
April 11, 2017

How much does YouTube pay Commission per 1000 views?

There are no guarantees under the YouTube partner agreement about how much, or whether, YouTube pay Commission per 1000 views. Earnings are generated based on a share of advertising revenue generated when people view your…
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Website Traffic Newly Launched Startup
April 9, 2017

How can I get Website Traffic for My Newly Launched Startup?

Have you had a vague idea of bruteforce attack? We know for certain that it is when your server clots to huge influx of traffic in limited time. We don't like the goal of achieving…
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