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March 10, 2017

8 Challenges that Teams Often Encounter

Eight Challenges that teams often encounter, subtleties that lead to powerful distinctions - passcodes that cannot be easily broken and unlocked by others. 1. Absence of team identity Trust requires connection. It is trust that…
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Gujranwala 2.0
January 23, 2017

Gujranwala 2.0 IT K Pehlwaan

​One issue with the people from Gujranwala is that when they eat, they don't stop. Like literally. "Tikkay", "batair", "chirray" and anything. Gujranwala, as a district/city, has a unique radio station. Traveling past Gujranwala and…
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Business Message
November 30, 2016

Making your Business Message Stick

There you are sitting in the meeting with a brilliant idea for your company. You're enthusiastic, you've done research, you know your stuff, and as you wrap up your Business Message you look up and…
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eCommerce Business
November 17, 2016

eCommerce Business Model

An eCommerce business either "grows" or "go's". eCommerce is after all a volatile business with so many eCommerce business rise and fall within the matter of a few years. A viable eCommerce business model is…
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Technology Startups
StartupsTechnological World
November 3, 2016

Technology Startups in Pakistan

Titantwister finds it interesting that technology startups are almost always the focus of young entrepreneurs, yet the most difficult in regards to generating a sustainable business. It's very frustrating that the word "start up" has become…
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Setting up workplace
October 17, 2016

Everything you should know about Setting up Workplace

Whether you’re setting up workplace to pursue a part-time or full-time business or to undertake a project close to your heart, these guidelines and suggestions can help make your vision of setting up workplace a reality. 1.…
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October 16, 2016

Seven Home Workplace Ergonomics

One of the keys to a physically healthy workspace is ergonomics. Ergonomics is how the home workplace is set up with the aim of preventing office-related fatigue and injuries while still being comfortable and supportive.…
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home workplace
October 14, 2016

Pulling your workplace ideas together

Now it’s time to pull your workplace ideas together and head out into the world (or onto Google) to start purchasing your office equipment, furniture and storage. In the previous article "Setting up home workplace",…
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home workplace
October 13, 2016

Setting up home workspace

When it comes to setting up your home workspace, Titantwister definitely think less is more as Good things come in Small packages, so make your key pieces interesting ones. If you have not read the…
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Inspiring Workspace
October 12, 2016

Dream of an Inspiring Workspace

May be you are an artist who has always wanted a studio. Thinking of creating an inspiring work space, Titantwister will share small steps to fulling your big dreams. The Dream of an Inspiring Workspace…
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Design Critique & MarketingStartups
September 7, 2016

Content Marketing

Social media is changing rapidly, and there’s plenty of information out there about it. But there didn’t seem to be one resource we could point people towards basics of social media content marketing. We wrote…
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June 30, 2016

Lums turned me down

When LUMS rejected me, I felt if they were pulling an extra courteous routine. As if a girl breaks up with her boy friend : "It is not you; it is me". And you promise…
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May 30, 2016

Fix Your Cash Conversion Cycle NOW

The cash conversion cycle (CCC) is the length of time required for a company to convert cash invested in its operations to cash received as a result of its operations. A firm’s operating cycle (OC)…
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