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Design Critique & MarketingStartups
July 25, 2017

Marketing and Launching Products

So you've done a great job creating your product. It looks great and does the job it needs to do, and now it's time to release it to the world. Depending on the size of your company, you'll have a…
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July 16, 2017

What are Angel Investors?

If you've established that you need additional capital to build and scale your company. You've also established that venture capital is the best route for your company, so angel investors are most likely going to be your first investors. So…
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customer Leads Generation
StartupsSales Pitch
July 14, 2017

Customer Lead Generation in a World where Customers have Options

In today's ever-changing market, your customers have options. Lots of options. So, how do you attract them amongst all the competition? And when you do, how do make sure they stay and remain loyal customers? Well, lead generation can help with…
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promote small business
June 20, 2017

7 Must-dos to Promote Small Business on Facebook

Facebook adverts are an extremely effective way of advertising your company/services as long as the adverts are carefully put together to receive maximum impact from the money you are spending. Many small businesses are starting…
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Google HQ Open Office Space
ProductivityOffice DiariesStartups
May 26, 2017

[Low on Budget] Are you willing to Work Inside an Open Office Space?

When noise cancelling headphones are worn 8 hours a day at work this should signal a problem. Some jobs, by their design (duties/tasks/scope), require private space and quiet, thus an open office plan is not…
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May 25, 2017

The Top 5 Things to Implement Best Business Ideas

Is Your Startup Idea Really A Business? Your experience, knowledge and communications will help you if you constantly study the best practicians! Fixing the Founding Team is Very, Very Painful. Take the time to get it…
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Pakistani Startup Ideas Need Validation
May 21, 2017

Pakistani Startup Ideas Need Validation

In every cubicle is sitting a startup founder, dreaming and molding his innovative ideas. Who would not aspire to become the Gates and the Jobs instead of sitting in the confined to his 6x6 cubicle…
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best tech startups GIKI
May 11, 2017

Best Tech Startups GIKI

The following best tech startups GIKI list comprises, in no specific order, of some of the best technology oriented startups from GIKI graudates (who act/acted as at least in their co-Founding roles): Groopic: Ever noticed your…
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Fast-growth startups must have experiences
May 2, 2017

Fast-growth Startups

All Fast-growth Startups or new businesses share some must have experiences and Business Elements: Product Policy is a Core Part of Fast-Growth Startups Marketing Marketing a product plays an important role , excessive good marketing…
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No more hassle leading online pharmacy
April 27, 2017

Sehat.com.pk – Pakistan’s Leading Online Pharmacy

Many times, people scourge the depths of the city they live in just to find the life-saving medicine they desperately need. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a reliable source for authentic medicines, that…
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LinkedIn Platform for Entrepreneurs and Startups
April 16, 2017

LinkedIn Platform for Entrepreneurs

Alright. Now that you decided to promote your startup better by giving social media marketing a try, which social media platform should you use? Should you use all, just a few or many? Social media…
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Website Traffic Newly Launched Startup
April 9, 2017

How can I get Website Traffic for My Newly Launched Startup?

Have you had a vague idea of bruteforce attack? We know for certain that it is when your server clots to huge influx of traffic in limited time. We don't like the goal of achieving…
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Startup Owners Newly Hired Ceos
StartupsHuman Resource
April 5, 2017

Startup owners how much is enough for your newly hired CEO?

A wise man once said, pay your people enough so that money is no longer on the table. For the startup owners who are now shifting the responsibilities to newly hired CEOs, there is no fairness…
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Startup Idea
March 29, 2017

Is Your Startup Idea Really A Business?

Ideas are free and often plentiful. Entrepreneurship is gaining the recognition it deserves and has experienced a huge boom in the last few years – it seems everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days…
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March 10, 2017

8 Challenges that Teams Often Encounter

Eight Challenges that teams often encounter, subtleties that lead to powerful distinctions - passcodes that cannot be easily broken and unlocked by others. 1. Absence of team identity Trust requires connection. It is trust that…
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Gujranwala 2.0
January 23, 2017

Gujranwala 2.0 IT K Pehlwaan

​One issue with the people from Gujranwala is that when they eat, they don't stop. Like literally. "Tikkay", "batair", "chirray" and anything. Gujranwala, as a district/city, has a unique radio station. Traveling past Gujranwala and…
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Business Message
November 30, 2016

Making your Business Message Stick

There you are sitting in the meeting with a brilliant idea for your company. You're enthusiastic, you've done research, you know your stuff, and as you wrap up your Business Message you look up and…
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eCommerce Business
November 17, 2016

eCommerce Business Model

An eCommerce business either "grows" or "go's". eCommerce is after all a volatile business with so many eCommerce business rise and fall within the matter of a few years. A viable eCommerce business model is…
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Technology Startups
Technological WorldStartups
November 3, 2016

Technology Startups in Pakistan

Titantwister finds it interesting that technology startups are almost always the focus of young entrepreneurs, yet the most difficult in regards to generating a sustainable business. It's very frustrating that the word "start up" has become…
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Setting up workplace
October 17, 2016

Everything you should know about Setting up Workplace

Whether you’re setting up workplace to pursue a part-time or full-time business or to undertake a project close to your heart, these guidelines and suggestions can help make your vision of setting up workplace a reality. 1.…
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