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With the business purpose clearly established and written down on the goals card, you’re ready to start defining specific and attainable goals for the startup blog. The key in this stage is to always ensure the goals of the startup blog line up with the business purpose of the company. To get this process started on Small Business Ideas in Pakistan, brainstorm topics about how you want to communicate what the startup does to the web using public. Here, it’s important to remember making your Business Message Stick and know what a startup blog is, a sharing and communication platform. Therefore, questions to start the brainstorming sessions should point towards active and participatory elements.

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What can a startup blog visitor learn from us?

Let’s look at our example. What can a startup blog visitor learn from us? We can educate her on green energy technologies. Whatever the business purpose of your company, the answers to these types of questions should always be followed by the question, how can this be used to get us closer to our business purpose? This question leads to our goal.

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What do they want to learn from us?

So in our example, the goal would be, become a leading resource on information about green technologies. In other words, the goals for the startup blog focus on sharing ideas, and becoming a trusted resource. While the end game is to drive customers to the business. Lets take a look at the other questions. What do they want to learn from us? While we get a lot of queries, we don’t currently have a database of frequently asked questions. So, the goal would be, reach out to potential and existing customers to help create an FAQ on our key technology fields.

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What can we learn from our customers?

What can we learn from our customers? Several customers have shared their success stories about implementing our technologies with us. So the goal here would be share customer stories and insight to encourage viral sharing. You can also define both short term and long term goals for the startup blog, as in this example.

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How can we contribute to the bait in our field?

How can we contribute to a debate in our field and establish ourselves as thought leaders? Our staffers are experts on solar energy, they can pipe in on political decisions around this topic by sharing authoritative facts and figures andtechnical know how. So, the short term goal in this case is become a go-to source of information about solar energy for news publications.

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How do we establish ourselves as thought leaders?

Thoughtful Leaders Accomplish Business. While the long term goal may be shape political opinion about solar energy. These goals will help focus the content of your startup blog and insure that what is published is in line with the overall business purpose of your company. The goals you end up defining will be as unique as your business. Creating the role of Business Information Officer become important.

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