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Instagram Business

Today a person is subjected to more new information in a day than a person in the middle ages in his entire life! We are firm believers that Business using Instagram, if done right could do wonders. Instagram is a place of portraits. Pictures can say a lot. And if you are talented enough why not.  The human connection and resulting, almost incidental sales increases that creating a genuine, passionate, interactive Instagram platform can bring. The growth potential and resulting exponential network value inherent in making a service like Instagram free. It seems there is no market pressure out there to drive anything new. It feels like we are at a standstill where pay models are often non-starters and ads are the go to. What’s in between? What can change the paradigm? Or are we fine with where we are? 

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Business using Instagram

Working on a startup is a balancing act: being crazy enough to believe your idea can take off, but not crazy enough to miss the signs when it’s clearly not going to. If you understand who your target audience is and which platforms they invest their time, then creating a well thought out experience that achieves company goals and engages your target audience creates the opportunity for loyalty – and an experience to tell others. Instagram has the most disguised way to promote through influencers. Influencers are sent products for free. In exchange, the selected users promote products in posts and generally offer coupons codes to add a more personal feel. Too many people don’t put themselves and their talent out there because they think their not good enough which is such a shame. If you love it, share it with the world and what better place than Instagram! Nostalgia Marketing is getting more and more popular approach to attract consumers.

Of course, shoppers can only see the brightly labeled snacks, and before you know it, everything becomes snacks.

Instagram is building a profitable business. Which means walking a fine line between maximizing revenue and delivering experience. The problem is that you can’t fault Instagram, or any of the other service out there that’s playing the attention web game. There is already enough marketing going on on Instagram, giving anybody the ability to link anything, everywhere for free would only worsen the situation and, on the long run, cause Instagram to lose users. It’s we, the people of the internet, who have set the rules of engagement. We want our web and we want it for free. However, the inconvenient truth is that there is a cost to doing business and at some point companies have to make money.  How the interplay between revenue and experience can change when pressure is applied from The Street on a quarterly basis. Decisions are not always as cut and dry as one would like them to be in an ideal, human-centered world.

Did we start to lose our Mojo?

Integrated media strategies has to be evaluated extensively before you decided which are the best channels. It all depends on the objectives of the campaign and who and where are your target market. Once determined, then you will be be able to zero in with the effective media strategies. IG audiences very engaging and a great way to connect with like minds who fuel interests and passions. Yet there is a lot more to understand from consumer behaviors. Adopting Business Intelligence took some time for companies to adopt because, companies never had clean data. Their data was bad, so were their analysis and so was the output in the form of business insights. Since this requires a lot of education to all the departments in an organisation, this will take some time for companies to see Instagrams true potential. Love the retro vibe. The fundamentals remain, key to be closer and understand the changing habits of your target, maximize Brand potential via appropiate use of digital platforms and social media.

Gen X nostalgia: Subtle + Clever Marketing

While digital channels are certainly cost effective and targeted, traditional media still plays an important role for many organizations. It is definitely a labor of love to post consistently and creatively. Sometimes the hardest part is just taking the first step into the unknown and when it comes to sharing on social media, it does take courage too! Well done on pursuing your passion and business. Don’t forget to continue to build a relationship with your new found friends, earn their trust, and thanking them. Word of mouth from satisfied customers is priceless. There is traditional and digital marketing (local or worldwide). “Traditional” is mainly on paper, panels, murals, aerial or on the radio. “Digital” might be online or, also, directed to an offline choice. It is for sure that, at the very end or at the very beginning of that,” the advertisement campaign is capturing attention from a targeted segment of audience or trying to identified those eventually related”. A well mapped out marketing campaign should include digital elements, as well as traditional marketing methods.

Instagram is life-porn, and you’ve got to get it under control

Approaching “influence marketing” or “content marketing” or “wear blue shoelaces cause it’s Tuesday marketing” (or anything that supposes a word before marketing makes it something else) will just get more of the marketing we’ve all come to hate. If you’re building influence, the trick is to turn it into a business using Instagram. If you’re an Instagram star, and you’re turning a buck holding packets of tea in your finest Athleisure, the clock is ticking and the onus is going to be on you to do something more. Take a moment to think about that. A network that hosts millions of people won’t let them do something that is second nature for digital natives. So its users have concocted their own clunky loophole to get around the problem. It’s as if there were a permanent snowstorm in a city, and the mayor refused to clear the sidewalks. Inevitably, pedestrians would just stomp out their own inelegant roundabout paths to navigate the dirty, urine-filled slush.

“Link in Bio” Is the Worst Thing About Instagram

To turn your network into a customer base, and to turn your business model into something repeatable and long term. There are people who are starting to do this pretty fucking effectively. The real issue is that your value as an influencer is calculated only on your influence. On your network. And because you’re building that network inside of someone else’s social app, you don’t own it… Influence marketing mistakes are just marketing mistakes. The vast majority of marketing is not creative and uses the dead paradigm that pushing out enough content will overwhelm any shortcomings in your message. That’s the mass marketing paradigm of the last century.

Don’t make the kind of marketing you hate

Additionally, looking at the landscape, the ad-based model seems to take a relatively predictable path of implementation. One part of which includes algorithms. In walking that line between revenue and experience, perception means a lot, and to many, fairly or not, algorithms are perceived as mathematical black boxes that take control away from the user, “unlevel” the playing field, and are as much there to decide what you don’t see as they are to decide what you do. Which, without going down too much of a rabbit hole, has the potential to create self perpetuating filter bubbles of information that diminish the diversity of thought and perspectives you encounter. The impacts/benefits of which are arguable but not inconsequential.

Yo, Instagram folks. Holding packets of tea is not a business model

The thing is, the Instagram success is not worth nearly as much as the people enjoying it think. It’s just not. In fact, as an asset it’s almost totally worthless, when you compare its monetary value with the hours spent building it, and how easy it would be for it all to disappear. Social media needs to help share information with purpose and self compassion needs to be considered rather than self esteem while you read/watch. There’s no better way to hate yourself than to look at someone you love just a little more. The future of marketing, selling, business, and life will be found in us moving beyond the commodity based paradigm and serving the interests of our audiences. Listen to your customers, engage them and the people who they look up to. Find out what they want and see that they get it.


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