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What’s a big, glitzy, one-time-a-year event without a little drama, anyway? First fake news. Now it’s fake winners in a blunder at Oscars!  An authentic mea culpa strategy can help and even reposition a brand into a better, more relatable space. People get emotionally vested in brands that embrace their imperfections (and that investment leads to commitment). Think about (successful) Domino Pizza or Jet Blue apologies. The challenge is that the whole PwC proposition is based on a promise of being perfect and accurate. You can get away with an apology but not if it is inherent to who you are. An auditing company that admits to its own inaccuracy is almost an oxymoron. That being said, they may be the joke of the day but their reputation is bigger than mixed envelopes.

Ryan Gosling had best response after this Blunder at Oscars

Having a plan and the authority to act on it is certainly key! Education and knowing the plan is another element so that when such an event occurs, people required to act can do so in a timely manner! The proud moment for the Moonlight team was loss due to two errors; one the cockiness of the PWC representative who obviously didn’t pay attention to details and two, Warren Beatty knowing there was an issue could have called someone out behind the curtains; instead he lets Ms. Dunaway be the bad guy, stupid! These two errors didn’t allow Moonlight to enjoy a beautiful moment of honor and it was an embarrassing moment and loss for the La La Land team! The moment can’t ever being captured again or never forgotten. Maybe people will make better choices next time! The irony being, integrity has less than nothing in common with Hollywood. An aspect to Oscargate is how Warren B took responsibility, when it was Faye Dunaway who read the wrong movie. Another lesson is how GRACIOUS both Justin Hurwitz and LA LA people were to Moonlight people and vice-versa. And Jimmy K rose to the occasion.

Meltdown in Front of 33 Million Viewers

People makes mistakes, not companies or corporations. It’s all about people. While Mr. Brian Cullinan will have a few dark days. He’s now the best trained employee in the business. Hang in there Brian and once the dust settles have a few nuggets to joke about. You met Warren Beatty other mortals have not! Mistakes happen, but this one added excitement at the end of the show and made it memorable. That’s okay PwC, even an elephant can slip!! But you cannot afford to say this everytime – “If the company can act quickly and do more than just fire off a few Twitter apologies, they may not change the world’s view on “accuracy” but they can own “integrity” – saving that word and the firm’s 83-year-old relationship with Hollywood.” Pwc, actually had 3 other mishaps / misqoutes, where they also published another actresses picture to honor their lifetime work as someone who was no longer alive, and screwed up the picture and put somebody else’s picture who was alive. Well, that actress saw her picture live on television being nominated as a deceased lifetime works nominee, and it mortified that actress.

Nothing takes the sting out of economic hardship than millionaires giving other millionaires golden statues. – Billy Crystal

A ratio of 1: 83 is extremely good though that 1 bad egg must be nipped in the bud going into the future – that was human regrettable human error that just requires a public apology. – given that “brands are no longer what PWC says they can do with utmost integrity and accuracy BUT what the 33 million say the firm does well”. It’s now water under the bridge there is still the opportunity to never have such a mistake in the future. This was a blunder at Oscars -a very visible one, but just a blunder. No fudging of tests, malfeasance or environmental poisoning. Warren Beatty could have saved the day – he knew something was wrong … why hand the envelop to someone who doesn’t – poor Faye. These types of blunders is what makes live television great! If PWC went wrong in something controllable now you can imagine what could happen with your financial statements… Are this two things comparable? maybe not but how trustful would it be after reaching 33 million viewers and counting after spreading viral with such mistake?

PWC – over paid and complacent

Blame it on Steve Harvey. They actually said that. Sometimes even the best of the best can make an error. The thing that separates some from others is the ability to take ownership; communicate; learn; laugh then move forward. This is a type of situation that if everything happens okay, nobody was going to talk, but if it goes wrong the company is exposed. PricewaterhouseCooper is paid for this risk. All those actors on stage, not one could handle the moment with out a script. Yet they are paid more than our Senior Leaders of many Fortune 500 companies who on an everyday basis prepare and avoid such folly! “Coach them up or coach them out” It happens! about time people move on on this one! Every body screws up at some point… but the smart ones have a good come back. Somehow, PWC might really have handled it very well; really needed gutful leadership to come up on the stage and make remedy of the situation. Integrity is the key and they maintained it gracefully. Unlike VW’s scandal, the big 4 are paid top dollars for their services to address challenging business and important events. A blunder like this will invite your clients to say “rate card discount, please”. As for reputational damage, guaranteed jokes for years to come.

They only had to do ONE thing right… Next year another accountant, partly for this but mostly for the same reason you never hire the same PR company for more then 3-5 years. To keep them Eager and Focused on the job…

Often, more can be revealed about a brand/organization by how it handles a mistake than by its years of flawless performance. Brands and organizations are made up of human beings who, from time to time, make mistakes. Being human and handling mistakes humbly, honestly and gracefully can earn respect and empathy.Brands are built with a lot of hard work and will be rather unfortunate if ‘envelopes’ start bringing down large brands which were not built on envelopes in the first place. A major blunder at Oscars, it happened, so sit tight and watch a movie in a dark cinema, a long long movie. It has been heart break after announcing the winner and later as a looser in front of million of viewers. Most mistakes can be repaired. It can be created as an opportunity for the other Oscar nominated actors/movies. Another prize or recognition.  

Anyway no-one died

Obviously an embarrassing situation made even more so by subsequent revelations of tweeting by the partner vs concentrating on the (only) task at hand. But let’s be real here. No one died or got sick. Even the best plans can go wrong ! The entire process needs to be relooked at. The team was overconfident and that is when gaps slip through. There are those that are humble and humility is a value, then there are the others. How many leaders look in the mirror and see what others see? PwC backers, employees and friends should appear sincere heart and to give a better picture of their humanity. We are all human. To say sorry, to learn and to grow stronger and continue to move forward. On the other hand they (PwC) should even thank, publicity these films are guaranteed at least, the number of visitors increased immediately. Classic incident response. Always have a plan ready to deal with the worst case scenario. Great job PWC, still the Queen’s audit firm. Best way to dump the left wing globalist. 

Blunder at Oscars is funny

As usual these Hollywood airheads with their full blown pomposity still don’t know what is going on, they are all politically ignorant, and deserve a place in “the cheap seats”. It could have been a publicity stunt. Miss Universe used the same “error”. How else do you get so many people talking about it the next day? In that case, they hould focus more on their industry than politics. Controls. Cross checks. Where were they? Some believe it was a dig at the POTUS, with all the fake news accusations ! If the host had any wit he could have played it off and we would be having a different conversation. Make Oscar Awards Night free for all undocumented and un-vetted Migrants! When is Self Adulation and mutual admiration a Search for Truth? The Irony is that Oscar Night 2017 is different this year; only much better because Donald Trump is Different! Resist That!

In the end, this could be for the hype and not an actual embarrassment, these people have enough publicity and ego for it not to make any difference whatsoever, whatever they do it really doesn’t matter. You admit that you made a blunder at Oscars and recommit yourselves to getting it right going forward. As in we will change how we will do things so that this mistake won’t be repeated again in the future. Quick thinking and quick diplomatic coverup is the bottom-line. We don’t like to be in their place at all, but as the saying goes.., “To be human is to err”. Guess they are only human. Every crisis is an opportunity for one to comeback strong. Of course there will be blood on the floor during the process. Let’s watch how they are going to handle it within the next few weeks. Hollywood never so uncomfortable with the Truth, Moonlight Trumps La-La-Land! sent Oscar to years of soul searching! It is a pity PWC didn’t ‘own’ the dozens of “positive” audits they did on companies that collapsed during the last major ecomonic crisis. Maybe they learnt a lesson from that?

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