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Treating People Respectfully at Workplace

There are few secrets or magic bullets to success. The road to success involves hard work in many areas and has few short cuts. The journey is the reward, the destination only a label. Being authentically respectful and nice to others is a small sacrifice as we go through the journey of life. We find it depressing that we are living in a world where treating people with respect is not the expected norm and we need articles like this to point it out. This is a basic tenet of any relationship work or otherwise. It is important to talk about it. It is not a secret though. This is the basic principle our mothers taught us. Some people tend to think that they have outgrown their mothers perhaps?

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Without respect there can be no decent contact with people, it is necessarily to treat others right. People do business with people they like. If you’re rude, you won’t go very far in life. Roundness is the biggest killer since there is never excuses for being rude to someone. When you would do a business, it’s equally important to know with whom you are going to do it. No matter the size of the company or its business model, B2B, B2C etc, we are in the business of P2P (people to people). People are the Business. For long term business success, happy, healthy, engaged people are key. Remember: even if the deal sounds amazing, yet when the partner is not the most reliable, it would cost you much more at the end.

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Listening is a key skill in life!

Everyone likes to be heard and feel respected no matter what their position/role at work and the same is true for life! There are however many managers throughout Industry who are full of their own self -importance, lack empathy and time to listen to other aspiring team members. Listening with nothing else on your mind is giving the person speaking your fullest attention without an agenda. Offering everyone you come in contact with costs nothing and is a GREAT investment at the end of the day. Respect mean listening, listening helps improving that leads to excellence and the growth automatically follows.

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Treating People Respectfully the way you want to be treated

Respect, and, therefore, mutual respect, is the premise upon which any constructive interaction is based, and provides the foundation for meaningful TEAM Accomplishment. Give value to what you do. Love what you do and do what you love. Treat others with respect regardless of who they are in the company, CEO or janitor and everyone in between. Respect is foundation to build trust among your team. Treating employees/colleagues with respect gives them assurance and commitment to you. Every role has a specific purpose and adds value to the organization. No one should feel or be made to feel inferior regardless of his or her circumstances. Culture change begins with respect!

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It’s the simple things in life that make your life and work more enjoyable. It comes down to basics, where one should treat others in the same way they would like to be treated, regardless of position or title. Respect is a key word in the workplace atmosphere. Problem is that not everybody has the same definition /or feeling of what ‘respect’ is. Most people believe Kindness is a sign of weakness. Equally true is when you respect someone but then they cross the line. When you call them out on it people look at it as disrespect, when in reality it is calling someone out on not being honest and not doing their job! Exercising respect and empathy for others not only serves to elevate human dignity but it should always be a key feature to your brand.

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People respect people who give them time. Even haters can turn and be your best partners or customers. Patience and inner strenght among the harshest conditions are your best friends to keep your respect on track. At most times you will end up with mutual respect as a well earned result. A firm belief about yourself and what you are doing comes extremely handy too. Then if may something goes wrong you can stand rock solid and pick and solve any issues in your surroundings. Hard work but amazing to be trusted. There is no stop. A bit like flying. Treat People with respect AND Help them discover their STRENGTHS. Then, help people use such strengths in a complimentary way. Here is how you: attract, find, and keep the talented people

Treating People Respectfully and Maintaining Integrity go hand in hand

Respect and humility is the key to success. It takes humility to show respect to your team even if you are the CEO. It is a shame that this was actually taught in schools and so many have forgotten it. There is one more that always hits a homerun… Honesty but that is also part of the Golden Rule. To be humble is to succeed. You have to have more than respect, you have to be honest. Sadly too many people are not honest, they lie when they look in the mirror. To some the only one thing that matters in business is the profit but respecting all people for their time and effort, from interns to your colleague executives. There are still too many managers out there that don’t subscribe to this approach though. How many many people bring their impending burnout, personal frustrations and stress into the workplace only to work it out on others. Respecting coworkers creates trust with people. People often alienate themselves from such simple characteristics. Stay humble no matter where one strides forward in life.

Disclaimer: Success is defined by each person for what they seek. One person’s secret recipe need not necessarily be applicable for the others, although respecting people is Jon-negotiable. If these were the traits of successful people then the definition of success needs to be revisited for a whole bunch of professionals out there, let alone those in the field of business.

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