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Social Media Ban Pakistan

In era of Globalization, Pakistan is considering ban on Social Media. One man of honor, Justice Shaukat Saddique reacts over blasphemous content on social media and has ordained Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan to appear before the court in his personal capacity.

I submit and sacrifice myself and everything that I have –my parents, job, my entire life – to Allah’s messenger (Peace Be Upon Him),” he said adding. “If they cannot block the sacrilegious pages the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) should cease to exist. – Justice Shaukat Saddique

We don’t believe that the blasphemy laws in Pakistan are harsher than in other Muslim countries but it does seem that they’re enforced more vigorously. Although Pakistan has never executed anybody for blasphemy, over 50 people charged with blasphemy have been murdered (often by mobs) before completing their court trials. While dictating the ruling, Justice Saddiqui got emotional while talking about Prophet Muhammad.

Why is the blasphemous content there on social media? Has the government taken any steps in this regard thus so far? – Justice Shaukat Saddiqui questioned PTA.

Salman Shahid filed the case, alleging that five bloggers, Salman Haider, Ahmed Waqas Goraya, Asim Saeed, Ahmed Raza Naseer and Samar Abbas, were spreading blasphemous content through pages on social networks.


Debate of Liberals

If you know it’s a time waste then why not to cut down on it? Why to wait to get it banned? There are many who make money out of it. Facebook is business for many and a source of happiness for others. Some expand their business through it while keeping in touch with friends and family. We would like to see filteration and not the closure of entire avenue of earning money. In the positive sense we must say Facebook provides a platform where we can make contact with good people and can learn more. But is it not the oft-repeated addiction alibi finding goods of Facebook. There are so many car accidents taking lives of innocent individuals everyday. It does not and should not evolve into a thinking of banning the cars but implementing laws and safety mechanism. Similarly banning the social media will not root out the evil. Identify the criminals and put them in hell. Then, Pakistanis should stop making fun of North Korea. There is a problem with liberals though. They commit to cultural issues and not the spiritual ones. One such is the misrepresenting women in Hijab and incest porn. A hijab is not a garb owned by Muslims. It might seem so in today’s world, where modesty has been left on the wayside in most countries; however only a few decades ago modesty was prevalent worldwide. So were hijabs; of course it would be called a veil in, say, England. Case shut!

 Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has ordered the immediate removal and blocking of all online content deemed to be “blasphemous” to Islam from social media – and for those responsible to be prosecuted. So will you survive if social media collapses, bans in Pakistan? How it will effect you? A complete ban is not necessary but rooting out the bad elements is a must. Some say, we will be more happier than we are today. Time does not wait for anyone. Our time will pass and nothing will happen.
We will go to any extent [including] permanently blocking all such social media websites if they refuse to cooperate. – Nisar

Virtual Private Networks

Some think we will find another thing for wasting time or being fake / unrealistic. People always find substitute ways to use Facebook or find some other social media platform. Nothing is permanent as people use orkut and other in past and took over Facebook (remember WorldChains?). Maybe in future something more better like VK.com comes out… However, if it gets banned or ends, then nothing will happen to us because before Facebook there still was life. People will see a transition in themselves. We’ll have the generation of book reader’s revived and real life intellectual circles prevailing but for that smartphones will have to be extinct too in that wholesome equation of social media.

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Unlike what is reported in the International media the vast majority of blasphemy cases are not against non-Muslims, but rather Muslims. When investigated all these incidents happened to have a land dispute or family feud behind the blasphemy accusations. In most cases not a single shred of evidence has been produced before the courts. However most judges are so afraid of the consequences in case they refuse a guilty verdict that they agree with the accusers. In cases where judges took a stand, they have been gunned down in court. This has also happened to lawyers fighting the case on behalf of the accused. In the end if the social media are banned it will give a boost to local Pakistani online alternatives. What are your thoughts?

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