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Stupidest Person in the room

What’s that old saying ? ….. “fat, dumb and happy.” Movies are not about stories. Movies are giant focus groups to see what products will sell. The best way to look stupid is to take off all your clothes and roam around naked. That is what movies tell. Walt was “dumb” like a fox … Without him all of it would not have come together, most of those people would not be household names … His brother, that “Smart Guy” would be sitting at home poor drawing pictures without Walt. You ought to be the most stupidest person doing it. Do not ever discount the skill of negotiation and sales. It is something that not everyone can do only the stupidest person.

What is something stupid you did as a child?

Education often teaches us a very stupid habit: that the person who can most successfully argue their case is special, or right, or rewarded. Stupidity is probably not a lack of knowledge or experience, but not accepting the lacking and working on it. Never underestimate stupidity. It is not a habit; it is an instant action for a situation due the lack of knowledge or experience! However, conflict stirs shit up in the real world and in your head. If you spent an hour fuming over a Twitter exchange or a flame war on a comment thread, that’s an hour you’ll never get back. Stack up enough of them and your life may become adversarial and bitter. And amazingly where we spend most of our time, gathering information that confirms how right we’ve been all along, is the most useless self-congratulatory ritual of all. But there is a potential for sickness in all of this, a sickness that spreads quickly online, where we fight words and media, not apparent humans.

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What is the smartest thing the stupidest person has ever told you?

In some significant cases that is in fact true. A doctor who stops a colleague from administering the wrong medicine may save a life. A civil engineer who vetoes a bad design may improve a whole city. So confusingly it’s not always unimportant to be right. Being right, if it is relevant, involves winning in a conflict. If someone disagrees though, it can feel superb to defeat them verbally or logically. And it can get applause and even meaningful emotional connection from those who were rooting for your side. This is not totally unimportant either. Many a change in the world had to percolate through the society discussion by discussion, insight by insight, until it won enough hearts and minds.

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You almost certainly don’t get any closer to winning by arguing: people retrench harder under pressure. Whatever good you want to bring into reality depends on a lot of potentially flawed assumptions and logic on your part (we’re all just preposterously biased and irrational), and so your good intention may not at all actually result in positive change. Also, the stress and emotions bring more suffering to you and others. It’s also important never to be intimidated by smarter people and be open-minded enough to understand that there are smarter people who you can learn from. And if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. Important to be able to recognize whom to stand next to in the room.

The constraints of technology have always inspired new artistic experiments, and these experiments and re-imaginings encourage new technological advancement. Do you realize that when you belittle people for asking “stupid” questions, you destroy their ability to keep asking questions? There is no such thing as a stupid question. Many people say that, but it really is true. Every question, no matter how ill-formed or ignorant of knowledge, is a request for knowledge, a request for information. It is an effort to understand better. Every time someone asks an honest question, it is an interrogation of nature, an attempt to unlock the secrets of the universe. Be that Stupidest Person.

Stand Next to the Smartest Person in the Room

Harold Ramis did it (Bill Murray). Steve Jobs did it (Steve Wozniak). Craig Silverstein did it. (who? Larry Page.) Kanye West did it (Jay-Z). The smartest person in the room is going to do something. Watch what they do. Something special. Just follow them without asking questions.

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