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Snapchat Social Media Noise

How hard it is today to find the best content on social media when there is so much noise. The phrase information explosion was first used in 1964 as part of a New Statesman article, but the phrase is relevant and even more so in today’s world. According to a study, we are on track to producing 44 zettabytes of data by 2020. However, a lot of it would be social media noise. Snapchat is among the platforms that help users create a lot of noise and we predict that Snapchat won’t make it through the year… or will at least be reduced to a ghost of its former self.

It’s a jungle out there. Social networks are littered with people and pages clambering for attention. For your brand to draw a crowd and a response, you need a more advanced strategy. Social Media Detox becomes necessary as people complain about social media it usually has to do with the following:

  1. It’s narcissistic, shallow, and only includes highlight reels of people’s lives
  2. It’s giving us a false sense of real human connection and creates a world of horrible communicators that only know what to say if they are able to use their fingers or thumbs.
  3. It’s a gigantic “time-suck” that keeps us from getting important stuff done. You know, like working out and eating well.

Creating content, not getting enough Feedback:

Marketer-bloggers everywhere have repeatedly referred to this increase as “noise” on social media, and they have discussed how critical it is to “cut through the noise” and reach your target audience. Focus on High value customer for their feedback instead of your content. Snapchat has depleted its users’ goodwill for the very same reasons, there are no Snapchat timelines and profiles to interact with at ease.

How do you cut through the deluge to get seen by the right audience?

TL;DR: Social media evolves daily. Lots of noise. Lack of understanding. Need education. Build Micro-Communities. With the inevitable growth of internet radio, as we continue to shift digitally, the abundance of listeners’ data is providing advertisers improved targeting, as well as awareness of their demographic. This new paradigm has offered companies an unprecedented opportunity to connect with the right listeners at the perfect moment. The only question remaining, what has your station looked like today in shape of Snapchat will ever continue to grow?

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Repurposing Content

Snapchat is whirlpool of self-satisfying egos. It’s also a losing proposition as every social network has variances in size specifications which affect how content is displayed. Also, you risk making your audience on one platform feel less important if you’re giving them what they could see on say Snapchat natively vs. Facebook. Instead of re-purposing content, force yourself and your company to create content that is native to each channel incorporating features such as hashtags (Twitter, Instagram), live video (Facebook and Instagram), or Bitmoji’s and facial filters (Snapchat)

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Seemingly, every channel you tune into these days there’s a guru streaming live on Facebook, a YouTube video that’s sweeping the internet, a sponsored tweet sandwiched in between that of your friends’, and someone snapping randomness while pushing you to follow them on Instagram.


Social Media NoiseOne Last Tip

Seeking Global Attention. Do not forget to post across Time Zones.

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