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Maryam Nawaz Sharif

Democracy is made for opportunity and freedom, but inside democracy is like inside trading. These days Nawaz Sharif is more interested in taking a jibe at his opponents rather than taking ownership of his own position, planning for his actions, doing ground level assessment and driving his team with goals to achieve success. Nawaz Sharif is fond of “Paye” and “Nihari”. He can for sure give the opportunity for his daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif to cook but will she succeed at once. We don’t know so much about it being genetics, but there’s something to be said for natural born leaders.

Perhaps anyone can learn to be an improved version of themselves, but there is defiantly a genetic element to leadership. If you don’t believe us, spend some time on a playground with 2 year old. There is always one or two children that rise to the occasion. Few politicians believe that some leadership traits are inherited to their offspring, this seems true only because of the exposure of a child in a political arena. In a daily basis she encounters with many people who are active in politics, this can lead to have some effects and drag a person like Maryam Nawaz in politics.

Is the gene Dominant or is it Recessive?

Leadership is not genetics but some others traits related to it, they are. Thoughtful leadership it is neither taught nor inherited, leadership is a unique timing of three forces, 1) a man’s inherited/acquired traits, 2) his surrounding situation and 3) his impelling reason to act inline or against surrounding situation. Ever wondered why a criminal becomes a criminal? Most of the time, not because he had a predisposition, but driven by (negative) influences which eventually made him a criminal. Some people have a tendency to show criminal behaviour or have a predisposition to do certain criminal things. However, much can be reduced by creating solid social structures to prevent these corrupt behaviours.

There is nothing like leadership gene. Better we not bring in the politics here. Democracy fails when people make the leader as an Autocrat due to unwanted favoritism. We all have certain pre-dispositions to behave in a certain way. That means some people have a predisposition to lead instead of follow (dominate or being submissive). However, leadership is more than that. It is a continuously process to improve your skill set. Having a pre-disposition (leadership gen) is not enough.

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Leadership is both Genetic and Nurturing as well

Nature vs Nurture? Interesting premise, however, the idea that a single gene controls complex traits such as leadership ability has no basis in genetics. Very few traits are controlled by single genes, and the more genes that influence a trait, the greater the influence of environment. If you compare the social structures for example between the dutch and US, the answers become concrete and tangible.

Leadership is not a gene but muscle and unlike genes muscle get stronger the more you use them. To become a good leader you have to continuously improve yourself on many levels. This varies to create a solid support group to accepting that there will be resistance by one group/person. Or to accept that a lot of sacrifice has to be made. So eventually, having a pre-disposition (leadership gene) is not enough to carve into a solid leader. 

To get back to the social structures, would Einstein / Newton / Tesla really be one of the greatest scientists if they did not had the support in the end by society, or when one of these wear born in an extremely poor environment without the possibility to read books and had the time to explore ‘great’ things? No, they had the predisposition (intelligent, wise, ambitious endurance, etc) to be great leading scientist and, eventually definitely not in the beginning, got support from peers and the scientist community.

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Maryam Nawaz Sharif Bullied

Leadership is setting a good example and sticking to your core values which serve as a moral compass to guide you along the path to success! It looks Maryam Nawaz Sharif is the only worker in the party. What Bilawal Zardari did since 2013 pushing all oldies at edge and made them advisory with passive roles and put all charges in the hand of new generation and that has worked. Nawaz Sharif needs to build fresh leg by pulling-up young people in the party who can run the show. Leadership is nothing but clear vision. 

Each of us are leaders in our own form. A resilient one may sustain the burden of mess him/her with others instead of bossing others. Bullies became bullies because bullied and they were not resilient enough to sustain the pressure without changing. Those changes adapt forever, got bended, those flex return straight. Where as, Mr. Imran Khan, is a leader by position and authority and there is no doubt that, he has perfectly used all his inherent talent along with the assets in his disposal, and yes his execution of leadership is seen with results. In Imran Khan’s case like many of us choosing wrong profession, he is being forced to do something he is not fit for … sad situation as he neither could step out nor sit and take the pain. On contrary, there is something to learn from him though … trying to put bold posture and a smile at all occasions (remember, there is no positive result so far for him).

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A leader is a leader

You cannot lead anyone further than you have gone yourself, but you can point out the path. There is no such thing as born leaders and leadership is not a genetic trait which passes from parents to children, Leadership comes with aspirations and willingness to be to be different. Ancestors can give you behavioral habits, formalities, or may be even morals to an extent. But leadership is something one acquires through hard work, great companionship, once own team building, back ups and fall backs, acquired competitive knowledge, self defence and attacking fire power etc.

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Let us see how – if a woman has inherent beliefs/traits which resonates with her surrounding then that woman is probable candidate for leader but still she needs a trigger (ignition) to fully jump/devote her into cause which is called her impelling reason to act. If any of three items if missing a leader will not be born. All three are a function of time hence leadership is unique. A leader once born can never be born again. Leader = F ( Traits, Situation, Reason to Act, Time). At a given time, leadership is the execution part of a leader and in practical sense, how a leader is executing his/her inherent talent or learned subject matters and whether it is by virtue of authority/position or without holding any position or exerting any influence.

No one is an overnight leader. Yes! she may be a captain or in charge or a manager but not a leader. Being a captain may help her become a leader soon but again one should have and practice the above listed qualities to become one. Leadership is a set of skill developed in a specific culture. However, some individuals shown a capacity that goes beyond the skills like the ability to deal with animals even those are considered savages. Usually this happens much before they have been scholarized for a long enough time. Some one save the nation from the clutches of this Maryam-Hamza cultural conflict.

Logic Plays its Part

From a logical perspective, is this certain gene really a gene, or just the nature of the individual, strengthened by breeding and possibilities which are offered by social supportive structures? Think here of the values you get from your parents and how they shape you. So probably the ‘gene’ is mistakenly ‘categorized’ as influences of breeding, nurturing and education. Exactly the same mistake they make in criminology ‘gene’.

Muslim League Fiasco

Muslim League debacle is the universal aging process no one is escaped this though aging can be delayed, universal law is – more aged the institution becomes it amass ineffective short sighted people/leaders and crumble on it’s feet. A 100 year old Muslim League party has been destroyed & there is no meaningful ‘opposition’ party left in the country. Just look at what is happening in Sindh. The part has lost the fire to survive under their leadership. It is absolute nonsense to say Muslim League can’t survive without the local families at the helm. Kick out the ‘chamchas’ & the hour will produces the man. If they continue under the Punjabi combine, they will be decimated at the 2018 polls. That will be a sad end to a 100 year old part! No use crying in vain then.

The scientific theory of genes is very interesting, but the problem with Mrs. Maryam Safder is not in her leadership skills, but in her Marketing skills or rather absence of it. Politics today is not about leadership. It is more about how much you can manipulate the masses and garner votes. Most of political leaders are good marketing only. If she can pick up a good subject line relevant and appealing to the Pakistani society and communicate the same to the masses, she would look different from the way she is looking today because of her father and all her dissidents will automatically fall in place and she would look like a great leader. She is making the mistake of focusing on strategies rather than creating a good Marketing Content.


Leaders are not truly born. Leaders EMERGE. The one who learns properly alone can practice to lead in the long run. Jinnah was a leader by having no position or authority, and was a leader beyond influence and same was the Nelson Mandela throughout his years of struggle for freedom. A leader has traits, qualities and many more attributes, and these attributes can be read, trained and experimented. Maryam Nawaz Sharif as a replacement is an appreciation most support to overcome the sorrowfulness of the Panama Leaks and dual administration and efficacy on Pakistani society to make a hassle free political environment. Maryam Nawaz Sharif, may be a Leader like every other individual in their own capacity, but neither she is able to maximize the execution of his power/authority, nor she is influential in action to woo voters. Leadership is a combination of many factors: independence, empathy, resilience, creativity, flexibility, etc. Strong independence leads to selfishness, lack of independence to sheep behaviour. 

Last but not least, be creative is fundamental to be in the group but emerge from the group. Genetics is just a hardware/specification, it needs software to drive, and software is your gained experience. The main difference between a leader and a boss, it is a leader do not need external authority to lead while a boss should. So far, people could learn how to be a good boss but not being a leader. Let Nawaz Sharif give opportunity to other capable persons to save democracy.  

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