Sun. Mar 31st, 2019

Why are Pakistanis Changing Calibri Font Release Date on Wikipedia Post JIT Panama Report?

At the moment, Rana SanaUllah on Dunya Tv is fooled by anchor on Calbiri Font Release Date issue as he was calling it a phone. The font is allegedly used before it was launched “ahem” to provide doctrine of evidences against Panama Case on country’s ruling Sharif Family. Meaning those documents to be forged.

But here’s the kicker:

In Europe and worldwide, you buy Liscenced Software for a monthly or yearly subscriptions. As a loyalty perk, you always get to witness some beta features before hand. This trial is done for beta testing. ARY has contacted Microsoft over the case, Microsoft has confirmed to have made it official: Font was made available in 2007 for public use. However, it’s available since 2005 on Microsoft website. If someone wanted to download it then, they could have.

Want to know the best part about Calibre Font Release Date?

People were editing the History of the Calibre Font Release Date on Wikipedia really really fast, so much so, Wikipedia had to protect the page and added the note that it was usable before 2007.


Calibri Font Edit Summary

Calibri was broadly available by 2004

It’s alledgedly a crime to use it without the liscene. Until 2007, it was not released for commercial purposes.
Calibri History Dated Dec 7 2005
Check this:

Calibri was commissioned in 2002 and was available for down load since then. It really doesn’t matter when it was made part of their office suits. Do you know google docs was using this font in 2010? 

Calibri Font History

Fonts nowadays are digital replacement

If the document is made in Microsoft office then? If the document is made in Microsoft, even then it was possible to use. Anyone could’ve bought and used it. But how could you just use unreleased thing in legal documentation? is really a question of interest. Beta can never be used as a font for British Official Documents. Film is released in india and later in rest of the world but what we watch is the pirated copy until it is displayed officially. Fonts are not copyrighted though. It’s not that someone releases it and then it is used by someone. Hasan nawaz can claim, that he got it licensed for his company.

There’s no way to prove that document was forged after 2006 except for ink dating which hasn’t been used here.

It gets better/worse:

It’s the Microsoft which has made it its OWN default font in 2007. People with fake DPs are commenting too. This Calibri thing is not substantial enough, even if we assume Maryam Nawaz is lying.



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