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[List] Startup Tools and Technology Directory

Access to tools was a famous slogan in the 1970s, at the beginning of the information age. Captured in the pages of the Whole Earth Catalog, it embodied an ethos of an emerging do-it-yourself culture. Today’s entrepreneurs are empowered with unlimited access to startup tools.

These Startup tools will help you in Planning and Bootstrapping:

Concept and Initialization Stage in which you worried about learning, idea generation, naming your startup, raising capital, investor relations, buying cool domain names, considering cheap hosting options, performing market researches for validation with the help of Forms and Surveys and launching etc.

  1. Begin Startup Schooling form Startup School,
  2. Create MVP using Product Hunt or Intercom on Product Management,
  3. Get inspired by learning from successful startups using UX Timeline,
  4. Do concept validation using ProductGraveyard or Collapsed while discovering failures from the past by fellow entrepreneurs,
  5. Construct your Startup Roadmap using FounderKit or AHA,
  6. Rely on Creately for mockups and wireframing or access Entrepreneurial Tools for more amazing options,
  7. Perform business valuation using Equidam
  8. Set your product or service prices using precedents for Pricing Pages for better price positioning,
  9. Static Site Generation using Gatsby, sky rocket using Launchpad for Sketch, or build your website in moments Wix,
  10. Get access to Free Website Theme using Template Stash,
  11. Seek investors using PitchBook or Investor List or F6S,
  12. Perform Logo designing using Logo Dust,
  13. Compose User Interface for your Landing Pages / Coming Soon Websites using UI Temple or UI Movement,
  14. Get best of the business Landing Page inspirations using LandingFolio,
  15. Access flat icons Feather for your design needs,
  16. Choose Palettes and Themes using CoolHue, Web Gradients or Coolers or you can use Adobe Color Wheel to make cool swatches and gradients,
  17. Adopt Video/Animation Onboarding for Mobile Apps using Elasticode
  18. Explore Lottie by Airbnb or Extension for development purposes,
  19. Check Website Responsiveness using FullStory for deployment and feedback and bug tracking analysis,
  20. Screenshot using Loom for presentations or Recordit for product demo; while you can silence embarrassing notifications while screen sharing using Muzzle,
  21. Perform Document Collaboration using Google Docs or SpreadShare,
  22. Do Time Management using EzyTime,
  23. Predict Cash Flow Forecast using YNAB,
  24. Control expenses using BudgetSimple before launching your startup.

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Executing and Refining your performance using these Start Tools

Running Stage where you may be considering to outsource to improve your sales, enhance CRM, read a lot of books, read blogs, write articles, watch hours of videos to bring perspective to your startup.

  1. Start managing Financials using Wave or GNUCash or Mint or MoneyDance  or Xero to serve your early users,
  2. Perform Team Communication using Slack, BaseCamp, Asana or Trello or DropBox Paper or Front 2.0,
  3. Win Customer Relationship Management using Drift 2.0 and for Mobile App startups using Batch,
  4. Adopt Responsive Email Platform using mjml.,
  5. Explore Email Templates using HTML Email or Drip Scripts or you can use Templates for Gmail,
  6. Build your Company Culture following existing giants using Culture Codes
  7. Imitate perfect corporate identities using Just Good Copy,
  8. Start making/saving Notes using Evernote,
  9. Record testimonials using Cassette 2.0,
  10. Consider Securing Your Data using SpiderOak,
  11. Set Video Team Meets using Appear or Zoom,
  12. Start Scheduling Meets using Doodle or Mixmax Calendar,
  13. Build Social Media reach using automation with the help of Social Media Calendar by Buffer or Sprout Social or Klout,
  14. Design Integration using GoAbstract or Facebook Design Resources or Pablo by Buffer or Canva or Freebiesbug,
  15. Archive Photostocks using Unsplash or Pixabay 2.0 or Pexels 2.0 or All The Free Stock or Stock Snap,
  16. Populate Dashboards for analytic using Cyfe or internet speed test by Fast,
  17. Why reinvent the wheel, access existing APIs using API List or APIgee.

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Technology Directory on Growth and Expansion

This is the Churn Stage where you are booming with need to grow by bringing changes in your online shop platform, payment methods, legal advisory setup, finance control, Human Resource Management, and send newletters to keep the dice rolling.

  1. Growth hack using The Bamf Bible or Growth Supply or Marketing Stack or App Marketing Stack or Freelancer Stack could help you achieve the growth you deserve,
  2. Perform Project/Task Management using Yodiz or Taskque or ProofHub for all your project management needs,
  3. Acquire Legal aid in contract signing using Bonsai improving customer support methodology via improved service level agreements,
  4. Perform E-mail list building using Mailchimp among other marketing activities or find email lead generation using Hunter,
  5. Get Insights to Growth Analytic using Google Analytics or more specifically for mobile app analytic,
  6. Access improved Invoicing using iBilling or Due or Eccountant to increase productivity,
  7. Build Communities using Brick by Brick among other social tools,
  8. Accomplish Social Media Providence accessing SM Academy by Buffer,
  9. Get Blog post title generation ideas using Portent or Hubspot,
  10. Perform Search Engine Optimization using Google Keyword Planner or Longtail Pro or SEMRush or BuzzSumo or Ninjaoutreach,
  11. Develop Case study generation by fetching client logos using Clearbit Company Logo API,
  12. Get Startup Coverage using Submit for collaboration and communication.

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By adopting a do-it-yourself ethos, entrepreneurs are working with a set of tools uniquely tailored to meet the challenges, of trans-media communication.


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