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Gujranwala 2.0

​One issue with the people from Gujranwala is that when they eat, they don’t stop. Like literally. “Tikkay”, “batair”, “chirray” and anything. Gujranwala, as a district/city, has a unique radio station. Traveling past Gujranwala and while listening to the station, you get to notice about “Hakeem”, “Pinsaars” and retail outlets about kitchen appliances all sold on installments. Everything here is about “Khoraak”. All of a sudden, traversing the Grand Trunk Road (a.k.a. the GT Road) you get to listen to McDonald’s Crispy Chicken ad. Again, food. Anyways, people from this foodie city are not only healthy; they are sexy too. This we discovered, c’mon look around you. Everyone pulling off great chubby cheeks. Khuram Dastagir Khan, eh? eh? Point being, the city populace is so beautifully diverse with individuals of all kind, skilled and non-skilled, white-collared and blue-collared, everyone contributing (though it might be only by consuming food items). But the Information Technology enthusiasts have taken a yet another leap. How?

We welcome you to know that there was never Gujranwala 1.0 there is always a “shreeka”. Therefore, Gujranwala 2.0. Gujranwala, being considered an incomplete metropolitan, has proved that its people believe not let their immediate environment stop them. The project strives to rebuild Gujranwala city through collaboration among industries, colleges, and software houses to uplift Tech sector in the city. This would not only promote innovation and but also introduce entrepreneurship skills to empower the youth. One of the key reason of establishing this platform is that the local IT community becomes hands and shoulders for their fellow industry.

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Around new year a small Tech gathering was held calling All Freelancers & Software Houses of Gujranwala. The event inviting all software houses and freelancers in the city for social engagement to promote collaboration, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship by empowering the software house to be self-sufficient who are able to give back to Gujranwala, Pakistan and the World. While interviewing Maaviz Saif, the Co-Founder at Gujranwala 2.0, we found that this project is meant to be a community space. And we Quote:

We found the response overwhelming. We did not anticipate it.

The hosts encourage people to come & identify gap between what they are and what they could be as they return home after attending this session with solid solutions.

Here is first ever and successful tech meetup of Gujranwala IT Industry on forum of Gujranwala 2.0 at Mughal Mahal Hotel
#Gujranwala get ready for next version Insha’Allah .

Posted by Maavuz Saif on Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Gujranwala IT Expo

Gujranwala IT Expo

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