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The following best tech startups GIKI list comprises, in no specific order, of some of the best technology oriented startups from GIKI graudates (who act/acted as at least in their co-Founding roles):

Groopic: Ever noticed your group photos are always missing the photographer? With groopic, even the photographer is in the photo!

enekon: The premiere visual technology and experiential marketing company.

Patari: A doodh jalebi awesome platform for discovering and streaming Pakistani music. patari.pk. … Largest portal of Pakistani music under the sun - Prettier than Mathira, cooler than Meera, and so simple your cat will be headbanging to Abida Parveen in no time!

Convo: Convo is a private social network built by the team at Scrybe. Launched in 2011, it is steadily gaining valuable customers world over.

OneByte: Onebyte - provide reliable, quality IT & Telecoms services to SME’s, with a focus on customer care. Hosted Desktop, VoIP, Managed IT and Networks.

Cricout: Cricket is passion. Cricket is love. And Cricket is fun when you follow it with friends! No more is following Cricket online a lonely experience. Cricout is enabling friends from around the world to get together and have fun following the game.

Zorays: Leader of the Metropolitan Renewable Energy projects with a deep commitment to understanding the exact requirements of our esteemed clients.

Half Fried Games: Half Fried Games is a kitchen where fun is fried and cooked to prepare awesome games that will add a feeling of joy and delight to any bored moment.

Marminova: Marminova is a creative consulting startup based from the heart of Lahore, Pakistan with the focus of helping businesses get creative & innovative such our clients success becomes a reason to our success.

Micro Power Labs: Flash Pack is a 5000mAH Power bank that charges up in just 15 minutes. Supports QC 2.0!

Aurochs: Traditional craftsmanship blended with modern design methods to produce the most amazing Leather wallets that shouts quality and style.

Ornatus: ORNATUS is a BRAND and a lifestyle which is affordable, aesthetically pleasing, durable and comparable in quality and workmanship simply to the best…

Rabbit Drop: Let us do your grocery shopping for you, so that you save time to spend on more important tasks.

INNidata: iNNiData believes in the strategic use of IT in business. We help you achieve that through cost-effective services in Application Development and Support.

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Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list. Please comment to add upon your startup. We are also offering some free link juice. Moreover, GIK Institute is proud to establish “THE INCUBATOR” that provides a platform for GIK Institute’s students/graduates as well as for final year students/ fresh graduates of other universities of Pakistan. 

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