Sun. Mar 31st, 2019

[Competition] Spot Coke Food Fest Lake City Branded Cars

While some were criticising the Foodies R Us admin who apparently has had changed this forum into Coca Cola marketing platform by promoting Coke Fest to Pentagon and beyond Mars and using likeminded foodies to campaign for it. It’s absurd! Wonder what benefit people get in return from big brands or hotels whom they promote? We have been reading the reviews from Admin’s as a lovely Cinderella story but reality is not even like close to what is written. And over that asking people to post pictures of moving cars to get free tickets? Already 3 accidents have taken place while trying to take these pictures. We are here for the love of food only not for personal benefits or gains! Above is how the admin has responded!

FOOD FEST (#CokeFest)
Lake City,
Starting on
February 2, 2018
Ending on
February 4, 2018
Coca-Cola will be bringing the FIFA World Cup Original Trophy to Lahore, Pakistan on February 3, 2018 creating a historic occasion giving Pakistani fans the chance to experience football's most coveted prize. On the same day, the Coke Fest will be returning to Lahore and you'll get a chance to see the World Cup Original Trophy displayed here.
Offer Price
PKR 400



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