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Brand Names are Adopted and Closely linked in India and Pakistan?

It’s been a common practice in the creative world to use the words “inspired by” rather than admit that it’s a copied concept may it be naming a brand or creating its brand identity around brand names. Brands have at times insisted that they want the “look and feel” to be like the one done by XYZ.

The Notorious Case Study of Lakeme:

Lakme = is what it is because of the personal attention Simone Tata gave to its development. Lakme started as a 100% subsidiary of Tata Oil Mills (Tomco). It HAD made quite a name for itself in many discerning overseas markets. Very few people know that the famous brand Lakmé is actually a home grown brand by HUL. The story goes that after independence, a lot of foreign exchange was being used up to import cosmetics. The then Indian prime minister Jawahar Lal nehru wanted a homegrown brand to step in and save crucial dollars from flowing out. Lakmé was named after a French opera. If you love operas you will find that Lakmé is a rare one, as operas are generally written in Italian. This opera has a servant girl called “Lakshmi”, which was converted to “Lakmé” in French. Composer Yannie has also done renditions of its aria in acropolis. PONDS was an American cosmetic maker, that became a Unilever subsidiary in 1987. Since the Tatas felt that HUL (known as HLL at the time), would serve the interests of the brand better, they sold Lakme to HLL in 1998. They have actually re-entered the cosmetics market recently with Studiowest, which is sold by their flagship retail brand Trent Ltd.Anyways, this Lakmé from the opera was taken and created into a seemingly French brand, and Indians just loved it.

Pakistan has Olivia too. Recently, Pakistan is accused of copying Lakeme ad to be run across televised media. And why not? We share centuries of common history. The ad from Lakeme (Hindustan Unilever) was doctored by Ansar Rizvi and passed off as its own. One hand full of money under the table so how come the other hand can write a fair justice for such companies on such act, if they are under the burden of heap of money from such co.? If not then PEMRA should take action.

I’m really unable to express myself here in the way this truly demands. — Omar AbedinCEO at Starcom Mediavest Group Pakistan & LinkedInLocal Pakistan Host

Both sides turn a blind eye to such deeds

One hand full of money under the table so how come the other hand can write a fair justice for such companies on such act, if they are under the burden of heap of money from such corporation? If not then PEMRA should take action. We are still waiting for Khurram Aftab Memon at PEMRA to take action. Just to add, that there are instances where Pakistani ads are copied across the border too. You might have heard about Ambuja cement blatantly copying Mughal Steel’s TVC recently. Some say they are the same though. If you know what I mean. Wink Wink. Alternatively, would like to point out Bata, which people generally think is an Indian or Pakistani brand, but is a shoemaker based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Trouser brand AMERICAN! Quick in German is actually ‘schnell’.

The art of surviving in the industry under a tough competition, requires a quick maneuverability. Hence, the innovative thoughts & brand-names. Therefore, it is not a mistake, rather it is a psychological trend perception. For example, assuming if a brand of sophisticated perfume is named as “muniyandi” etc, then the question is, whether it would be sold in the market at all. Business requires a market and eventually the profits. Therefore, it is obvious that, the significant number of manufacturers look for the changing tendencies of the buyers, rather than incurring losses by holding redundant strategies or inconspicuous brand names.

List of Indian Homegrown Brand Names:

Royal enfield, Woodland, Da Milano, Hidesign, AND, Baggit, Catwalk, Pepperfry, Plum are some Indian homegrown brands. We wished Promod was homegrown as Pramod but he left as a child n grew up in France. On a serious note, Arvind Mills brands comes to our mind when we talk of Adopted Names. The love for international sounding names hasn’t gone away, the latest one being “Camla Barcelona”, which is from Punjab. “Kompanero” the premium bags brand is from Kolkata. Ola in “ola cabs” is from Spanish Holà or hello. The Bag brand “Esbeda” is actually named after its owner “ S. Beda”. Add “la opala” , “ franco leone”, “Allen solly”, “Monte Carlo”, “flying machine”, “ Louis Phillip “, “Peter England” to the list as well. All of them Indian. To the list, similarly Reynolds (which is now Rorito - Indian of course), Indian Motorcycles (American), Colgate, Bose Speakers, Star TV, Gudang Garam Cigarettes, Vedanta, Tide detergents. Mitashi is not a Japanese/ Korean but Indian Brand. Hidesign which originated from Pondicherry, now has stores all over the world. Hidesign- got the positioning spot on and already have a cult following with their superior products and premium positioning

Foriegn Influenced Brand Names:

Few brands which may seems to be foreign brands at first instance - Provogue, Fiama Di Wills, Essenza Di Wills, J. Hampsted, Monte Carlo, Killer, Turtle, Belmonte. This is quite common in case of luxury products. Despite the quality of certain companies’ products being far better, their Indian names make them lose out on a lot of potential customers. As Indians perceive Italian/English sounding names for brands to be more “effective” in showing their international tastes. 




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