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Having a Dot Pk Domain over Dot Com Domain for Your Startup in 2018

By January 29, 2018 No Comments
dot pk domain

Amazon has always launched on country specific domains like amazon.co.uk and amazon.fr. What about Amazon dot pk domain? Can you steal their web traffic? If you own amazon.pk, Amazon will most likely get it from you when they need it because it’s their established trademark. They won’t even have to pay you. Until using it for a business with a different purpose. There are many businesses using same domain but for different businesses.  If you can establish that your business activity is completely different from Amazon’s and that you are not a competitor of Amazon then there’s a good chance you’ll get to keep it. It’s not, possible, for Amazon to take it.

Not getting into Deep SEO

Amazon needs to rank its website to buyer intended keywords as its e-com sales depends on its organic ranking in search engines. Likewise it has rivals Ebay, Alibaba. It has separate retail websites for several countries. Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) has more probability than TLD domain to rank in those countries and to local keywords. It also give amazon to organize the sellers and give them option of their inventories and shipment choices
Language is another factor, too.
Simple, amazon.com already has high domain authority, therefore if they have any product that they like to sell in pakistani region wuth their .com domain then they just need to do some on page optimization with respect to Pakistan e.g.:

Amazon.com wants to rank for Ecommerce pakistan then google robots will crawl amazon on the basis of TF, DA, and PA. Keeping in kind amazon.com already has high PA, DA & TF. They may need to build some link on that specific page to build some PA (page authority) for amazon.com. I believe that it’s not even necessary. Amazon is an eCommerce site which has to compete with local online stores to stay at top of search listings as not everyone is looking at amazon when they type a product in search engine to buy online. So amazon uses local domain extension to rank higher for the product e.g buy shoes online.

In this example the search engine will show the products from local domain extensions first before showing international results. thus amazon.co.uk is more SEO than amazon.com/uk will ever be. If they launch in pakistan they will definitely going to spend lot more on google adword, facebook ads, & PPC that will increase the trust flow because more people will click on ads and more people will spend time on their site. Therefore, Google algorithm will prefer amazon.pk for any product that amazon will list on their .pk website. As far as on page and off page is concerned for their .pk they would already be getting lots of natural white hat back links.

How does this affect the search listings for Google which has now started serving local ads specific to the current country of the user?

Local Top Level Domain (Tld; The top-level domain names are installed in the root zone of the name space) have more power in national searches, like if your startup owns both .com Tld and .pk Tld and that you want to rank your site in Pakistan, chances are high for .pk to rank first. LTLD are limited to one country only, For example very chances of .pk domain ranking in Google.co.in or Google.com while same as it is difficult for a .com to compete with .pk in local Search Engine.  Local domain extensions rank higher locally than .com extensions for same set of keywords.

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And as far as the legalities are concerned then google knows who amazon is whether it’s .com or .pk and google intelligently differs the two. If someone other than amazon even purchase amazonpakistan.pk then amazon can take that person to court and the domain name will be taken down. So no one can use Amazon in their domain except for Amazon. Therefore if amazon.com and amazon.pk both have a product listing of samsung galaxy s8 then definitely google will prefer amazon.pk for that listing over amazon.com. since google knows who amazon is. That’s called artificially intelligent crawling robots and algorithms that google has.

There is also an option available in google console to make your website region specific.

Any benefits or negatives of using .com rather than country specific domains?

.com give you international look and it easy to remember and type where .pk give you local but if you set your self like daraz your .pk is more successful in google search. If someone owns Amazon.pk and makes it keyword optimised for e-commerce in Pakistan would this site trump Amazon.com‘s search listing on the same keywords on google.com.pk?

Dot Pk Domain for Uber

Uber isn’t a e-commerce business/web. It can connect cars to rider through app. Uber is mainly used as an app and not as .com or .pk so it doesn’t matter which domain they use since it’s the uber app that everybody is more concerned to. UBER is a service used through an app so their website is just for recognition of their services and to make people download their app, they do not need to compete in search engine to acquire business locally. So they use uber.com/pk to only tell their visitors of their presence in the specific country. Thus, no need for local domain extension as their main focus is to build brand recognition whereas amazon’s main focus is to sell products locally thus needing a local domain extension. Uber has launched with .com in Pakistan. 

Question for you:

How about .pk domain being used for international business?

Answer in the comment box please.

P.S.: Amazon.pk is already owned by amazon so dont think about it. No! Don’t! They know their market better than us.

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