Sat. Jun 15th, 2019

Indian Muslims Object to Winking Priya Prakash Varrier

It is a known fact 18-year-old Malayali actress, Priya Prakash Varrier has become an internet sensation overnight, after a teaser from her film “Oru Adar Love” was released.

Movie was intended to be released in only Kerala, aimed at students/youth.

What is so special about her? I don’t get it, she looks completely average, is she considered good-looking for a south Indian? Is it really that hard to make such expressions?

Priya Prakash Varrier’s viral song went into trouble as a Muslim group files complaint for hurting sentiments. It ran into controversy in Hyderabad, when some Muslims objected to the song and facial expressions of the actress as an insult to their community while the song narrating the wedlock of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW and Hazrat Khadija RA was played in the background.

Hyderabad seminary issues fatwa against Priya Prakash Varrier’s viral song Manikya Malaraya Poovi.

Zaheer Khan alleged that the song’s lyrics hurt the sentiments of Muslims and demanded that either the song be removed from the film or its words be changed.

After the news of the FIR spread, the movie’s crew members had said the song would be withdrawn.

However, Lulu and music director Shan Rehman held a press conference later in Kochi to state that they had decided to include the song in the movie as they were getting overwhelming support from the entire Kerala society.

The song will not be withdrawn for the time being. It will be part of the movie. There are eight more songs in the film, — Lulu had said.

Lulu claimed the song had no objectionable reference and said Muslims in a part of Kerala had been singing it for over four decades.

The song written by C M A Jabbar is sung during marriages and every celebration in Malabar region of North Kerala. Malabar Muslims have been singing this song since 1978. If it was not objectionable then, how has it become objectionable now?

Who is Priya Prakash Varrier?

The young Malayalam actress who became an Internet sensation after a short clip from her upcoming film ‘Oru Adaar Love’ where she was seen winking and smiling flirtatiously went viral, has landed into trouble. A group of young men in Hyderabad has filed a police case against the filmmakers claiming that the lyrics of the teaser song “Manikya Malaraya Poovi” of the film had hurt religious sentiments of Muslims. Priya said in an exclusive interview that the song is a remix of a traditional wedding song and was used by the director in the film.



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