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Have you had a vague idea of bruteforce attack? We know for certain that it is when your server clots to huge influx of traffic in limited time. We don’t like the goal of achieving temporary website traffic, it’s a bad goal. You can get more traffic by taking off your clothes but is that the right kind of traffic? (However, perception that it is an orthodox hacking manuvre).

“Perhaps you should really be thinking about …”

  • Getting people to be passionate about your service. Do they love it? That’s more important than traffic. It’s more important what people say on reviews and on app sites.
  • Getting people to keep using your app or service. Traffic is great, but if they just come in, try it, barf, and leave, what good is that? Remember Color?
  • Getting the right users to use your service. Hey, if your service costs $10 million and Bill Gates pays it, why the hell do you care if Robert Scoble uses your app? If you are an advertising-supported service, do you have users that advertisers are interested in? That’s more important than just having numbers.

OK, so you care about website traffic numbers anyway for your newly launched startup. Here’s some things.

  • Get featured by Apple or Google or Amazon in their stores. That will get you more traffic than any other way.
  • Get great reviews on famous blogs/websites.
  • Show it off at big conferences. LeWeb, Techcrunch Disrupt, Launch, etc.
  • Build viral loops. Think about how your service will get other people to use it. Does your app/service get better the more people who are on it? (Think about Waze, for instance, that gets better the more people who use it).
  • Do all the basics well. Do you have Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and blogs that are interesting?

Good luck.

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