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Why Miftah Ismail is the Best Candidate for Karachi NA 244?

Miftah Ismail Ahmad, ex-Minister of the State for Finance, who also presented this years budget in the absence of Ishaq Dar is the rightful owner of the Candyland company which made my childhood fantastic. If you are 90’s Kid, have you ever sang along the advert jingle: “Abhi lao abhi khao; Candyland ki Chocolate Now”. Well, I for the one always did and took the Chocolate “Now” as part of my lunch for the school. Miftah Ismail is a Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) candidate from NA 244. He will be contesting for the first time against Ali Zaidi from Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf, Ali Raza Abidi of Pakistan People Party and Zahid Saeed of Jamat e Islami.

Miftah Ismail Ahmad

The candidature split of KHI Election 2018 about constituency of NA 244:

  • TLP. Syed Jilan Shah
  • PTI. Ali Zaidi
  • PPP. Saeed Ghani
  • PML N. Miftah Ismail
  • MMA. Zahid Saeed
  • MQM. Rauf Siddiqui

The Start of Miftah’s Political Campaign:

Miftah Ismail’s family background also supports his candidature. He is a memon. He is Sunni-Braelvi. He is monetarily rich. To the advantage of Miftah, he and his entire family is from KCCI and FPCCI. All the memon community also supports him. There has been an online Twitter trend #MiftahForKarachi. He has also met, Dawat e Islami, Nigran e Shura Haji Imran, Haji Amin, Abdul Habib also. Shiekh Tareeqat performed Tauba Bait and Dua for his success.


“Miftah Ismail has done much to promote business related activities in Karachi including law & order control and load shedding” — Mr. Munawar Younus

Miftah is doing a door to door campaing in NA 244 as it is a constituency of Dhoraji Memon majority and they will definitely vote for him. Surely, the Shiite vote is going to be split in the two liberal parties. There is a doubt if Zahid Saeed also being from business community that the Federation and KCCI might as well support him.

My first corner meeting of this election campaign for NA 244 will be held tomorrow night at 11:00 pm at Seylani Chowk, Dhoraji Colony. That’s Thursday June 14, 2018. As I always do in neighbourhood meetings, I will not just speak but will try to answer your questions. Please come by and give us a listen. Looking forward to seeing you all. Regards Miftah Ismail

His agenda drives through the massive business development projects and new opportunities for Karachi, securing the rights of individuals & ensuring them with an uninterrupted supply of basic facilities i.e. water, electricity and gas. He is very courteous, and that I learnt through my interaction with him where I mispelled his name and he did not mind.

Something on Miftah Ismail’s Career:

I got myself acquainted with him as an influencer while I was doing my internship with SLB or Schlumberger. I was reading his article on Dawn Newspaper. Those were Ramadans of July-August 2012 and we had the liberty of taking extra-long breaks. Anyways it was a 2 minute read. And man! I was flabbergasted that PMLN had such minds. So composed in thought and youthful. Although, elections had not yet taken place but reading his impressive remarks on the then KSE, and now PSX, gave me good vibes about this person. That he soon could participate in the electorals from Karachi.

Something on Miftah Ismail’s Educational Background is really interesting. Dr. Miftah Ismail Ahmad, who is a Bachelor of Science from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, and Studied at University of Pennsylvania, later did his PhD from The Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA. His discipline is majored in Public Finance and Political Economy. Miftah remained as an Economist in International Moentary Fund from August 1992 till May 1993. A decade later, he acted as Vice Chairman Punjab Board of Investmet & Trade (PBIT) from Jan 2012 – Dec 2012. He also served as Director of Pakistan International Airlines for seven months starting from Oct 2013 lasting till Jun 2014. He also has experience of remaining as Director of Sui Southern Gas Company from Oct 2013 onwards.

Only Criticism on Miftah Ismail’s Candidature:

Later, in the August 2014, two years after I contacted him via LinkedIn to give me a job in his organization. Which he politely responded towards and asked me to supply my CV. Which I did! On merit, I was rejeted. He did not give me a job! On a serious note: this adds to the sincere contribution he has made at Candyland being the Directors for being honest and courteous at the same time. Most recently, talking about his incumbancy which goes in his favor at home for him brining limelight to his consituency residents. As per industry experts, Dar and later on Miftah had hedged the dollar value for long. This increase was due and much expected. This is the only truth he brushed into your face and accept it. The dollar exchange rate should be @ Rs. 145/1$- if trade balance is rationalised.

Finally, Miftah who remained as Federal Minister for Finance, Revenue, and Economic Affairs at Government of Pakistan, could be reached at: [email protected]

The time for “Abhi lao” Miftah in your constituency is now. Enjoy the childhood memoirs I talked aboute above! Here is the video:


Miftah Ismail Ahmad
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Candidate of PMLN NA 244

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