Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

Army Controlling Pakistan before Upcoming General Elections in Pakistan 2018

Who governs Pakistan’s policy matters afterall? The Pakistani military elite inherited the strict, authority built command and control traditions. Despite large number of turnouts of trainees, the real dominion of the country turned out to be the men and women who sent their wards to serve the army (primarily, because they felt to do so; secondly, the reward that it hails from the family when thier son serves the country is everlasting). Imagine this, someone’s parent chose for their child to serve the country differently. Some became politicians in good will and spirit too. Every institution has a role and people who take the word “establishment” for granted  as a rescue to all their ills are at fault too. They made it too notorious. After all, establishment is you, me,  and is really a vague term composite for “nazria e zaroorat” in and around.

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Inter-institutional dialogue- the new drama to corrupt the system

What was the point of inviting the military chief to house of Senate? The boys have made their moves, and now they the power. Everything is in disarray, and you question why were they invited. Not like it’s a choice. Army after successfully throwing country into terrorism (Zia) then countering what they forgot would bite them on their ass (Taliban), come to provide services in law making and starting an SSG group for Fb soon. Rather than admitting that they are equally responsible for where we are today they try to convince us that they are the only reason pakistan has gone so far.

Do not forget that the armed forces are the servants of the people. You do not make national policy; it is we, the civilians, who decide these issues and it is your duty to carry out these tasks with which you are entrusted. — Muhammad Ali Jinnah

A ‘for sale’ judiciary that gives verdicts according to leadership’s will

A neutral establishment and a functioning judiciary pinches you where it hurts most. Indiscriminate application of laws – anchored in the Constitution – is absolutely essential if Pakistan has to extricate itself from the vicious cycle of mis-governance and selective application of laws. The current socio-political and economic crisisalso stems from willful deviation from law by civilian and military elites. All these years, we have only managed the country, and not really governed, and we all contributed to it.

But the rot must stop if we want to see Pakistan survive and prosper as a self-respecting nation… Subversion of the judiciary or its rulings, so ran the message, will not be allowed. The country will descend into chaos if we let the Supreme Court be humiliated by those who don’t like its decisions. — said the general, who spared no one – including his own institution – when talking of the burden of responsibility for the country’s multiple crisis.

Gone are those day when the returning officers would stuff thousands of ballots in your favour. Gone are those days when you would get millions and millions from isi to run your election campaigns. But were those days not not sponsored by “Kakkars” and “Karamats”.

Part of M.A Jinnah Address 23rd March , 1940 :

“Anyhow, I have placed before you the task that lies ahead of us. Do you realise how big and stupendous it is? Do you realise that you cannot get freedom or independence by mere arguments? I should appeal to the intelligentsia. The intelligentsia in all countries in the world have been the pioneers of any movements for freedom. What does the Muslim intelligentsia propose to do? I may tell you that unless you get this into your blood, unless you are prepared to take off your coats and are willing to sacrifice all that you can and work selflessly, earnestly, and sincerely for your people, you will never realise your aim. Friends, I therefore want you to make up your mind definitely ,and then think of devices and organise your people, strengthen your organisation, and consolidate the Mussalmans all over India. I think that the masses are wide awake. They only want your guidance and your lead. Come forward as servants of Islam. organise the people economically, socially, educationally, and politically, and I am sure that you will be a power that will be accepted by everybody. (Cheers.)”

“تمہارے بچوں کے لئے زمین تنگ کر دوں گا” to
“میرے بچے بھوکے مر جائیں گے”

Pakistan Resolution is a thing of bygone. That is accomplished and the Land of Pure would remain Intact till the Day of Judgement, I.A. As for now the thing that matters most is our Resolution and Resolve for making this country what it was envisioned by our ancestors. How far our motherland would continue to stand on backseat in the comity of civilized nations? How far? A rejuvenated version of making this country a beacon of hope and justice should be the Resolution of the Day. You as an individual are at a position of responsibility. You can influence people around you. At the very least, you should not be dismissive of the structural problems that inhibit this nation.



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