Sat. Jun 15th, 2019

Best Logistics, Cargo and Freight Company Options Available

Last few days I was finding a goods transporter (truck operators) who operates across Pakistan including Baluchistan. I am tired of finding freelancers.

In recent particular case, we were finding a 16 ft truck from Multan to Washuk. We had to send solar panels. The truck was hired by third party and the charges were set to Rs. 45,000/- from Multan. First, the drivers were reluctant to take our person which was there for security. Later on the DG Khan Road, the truck drivers which were hired from a lorry station refused to take simpler route and said they will detour to Kharan. Kharan? They said going to Washuk will take another 100 km from there and started negotiating. We out of spite had to complain to the party that booked the transport. But in vain. Anyhow, had to pay another Rs. 17,000/- Two out of 186 got broken when they finally reached desired destination. Usually, they are supposed to help with unloading (as additional Rs. 2500/- were charged) but no luck there as well. This is clear badmashi.

In such a scenario, I found these two useful links that we all can try and trust:

Freightix is your one- stop solution for all your relocation needs- be it packing, labor, transport. Among the final 30 in World startup factory Netherland. Among the final 10 in Kite Oslo startup compitition. Selected in DICE 2016 Mega Innovation and Entrepreneurship Event.

Lahore Naulakha Logistics formally known as Lahore Naulakha Goods Transport Company is owned by ( Late ) Sheikh Abdul Hameed. LNL is working with Multi national companies as a transport service provider since 1948. They only transport goods in containers and now they also offer Temperature Control Containers in 17 Feet, 20 Feet And 40 Feet.



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