Unleashing Your Creativity

About the Author

Majid has an MBA from the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany and a Bachelors in Engineering from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute in Pakistan. He has worked in different locations and has gained experience working with SMEs and startups. Majid loves entrepreneurship, innovation, business strategy and social media marketing. Majid also writes occasionally at this website. Author website: www.majidm.com


At times we are in a situation, that we had an amazing idea, but it went to waste. Or you are stuck at a point with a project and need to know how to generate more creative ideas for that project. But wait not only that project, you want to unleash the creativity in you. Unleashing your Creativity is a short book on how to boost your creativity to the next level. The book explains the basic concept of creativity, helps you understand what are the enemies of creativity, two methods on how to boost your creativity and get lots of new ideas for the project you have or the problem you want to solve. In the book, there are also other tips which can help you increase your creativity. This book is written with the perspective it can be used any anyone including managers, senior management, artists, authors, or generally anyone who wants to increase their creativity. The idea of creativity is to help you generate maximum ideas for your business, or book, art work, or any problem you want to solve.


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