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Nawaz was like a school boy who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, not by his mother but by the all citizens of Pakistan. It was a tragedy waiting to happen. Right from the denials which are common everywhere to editing by font which was not released by Microsoft during the time when the papers were said to be made. But he was a safe bet for India, now we have to see who will occupy the chair of PM, and always the government will be in military hands, whenever they feel they are a threat to them, they are swiftly removed. Pardon for taking this historical day with a pinch of salt. It can’t be unwise if one of us plays the devil’s advocate given our wonderful history when it comes to Prime Ministers. Amnesic as we are, we have celebrated the death and dismissal of many a Prime Ministers only to have regretted our mistakes and then to have forgotten.




What do you think about Pak’s court verdict on Nawaz Sharif?

A system has a certain efficiency, there are black sheeps and good people. A system can gradually increase upon that effieiency. A hypothetically inflated efficiency is not what we need. Democracy needs time. Establishment is on the other hand interested in removing NS to thwart any attempts for civil supremacy. Factually, history has not been made; it has only repeated itself - and it will continue to do so unless justice is truly blind; unless justice is served even to those who tear our constitution and sit immune to its musings. Optimistic. But it’s just a tip of an iceberg. A corruption free Pakistan is still a distant dream. Hopefully Zadari and corrupt PPP politicians, including those who are now part of PTI would too be made accountable. If PPP is serious on Panama issue cause of corruption, why then move a bill to stop NAB functioning in Sindh? On the other hand Niazi will continue to destroy this country in the name of Dharnas because this is the only thing left to hide his failures in KPK.




Supreme Court has created a new definition of Recievable.

While SC hearing Panama in Courtroom, parties annoucing their verdicts on media in SC’s Courtyard. Judges might as well move into Studios. A person heads as chairman Board of Directors in son’s company without claiming salary. Company is closed in 2014, decision of court comes in 2017 but as per “their law” the amount usualy pay to anyone for this position is “receivable” for the father even after knowing that he didn’t receive it. Everybody has a conscience and have a right to ponder. Our most sanest friends and high achieving family members, who are ideologically Muslim League, will keep on inspiring. After two failed attempts, the new anti NS greeks in Pakistan realised that its not possible to remove NS and have a taste of power. People of Pakistan rejected them as well. These greeks resorted to a new method through backdoor conspiracies. Know who is current Prime Minister of Pakistan? We don’t know either.



How does Pakistan feel about Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification?

Remember, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has legally sanctioned every military coup in the country. The few judges who objected to such interventions were made to retire. It has endorsed the removal of elected governments and has sentenced one elected prime minister to death and disqualified another. Every democratically elected government has been removed on charges of corruption and incompetence. We are no legal expert but Article 62/63….really? It seems of course a judicial coup. led by the justices, we yet need to know on who’s behest. Yet, judiciary has let itself be used as a pawn in the game of political chess to checkmate a democratically elected leader. It will be interesting to observe what will their verdict be for similiar high profile cases which are pending in their honourable court. If they find a loop hole for others, then their verdict against Nawaz will be remembered in history as most bias. What is the name of Prime Minister of Pakistan? We don’t know either.

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What do you think about Pak’s court verdict on Nawaz Sharif?

No one is above the law! Hope against hope, we pray that this is a break from our past. Or else as Harris Khalique says,

If it is aimed solely at disqualifying Mr. Sharif, then there will be no rupture from our checkered past. A few years later Pakistan might see a new carriage for all the king’s horses to pull and all the king’s men to jump on.

At last, the boys having played this one very well have followed Machiavelli’s maxim to spirit,

If an injury is to be caused, it should be so severe that vengeance should not be feared.

How does Pakistan feel about Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification? There is no need to beat the broken drum but one of the Justices invited Mr. Imran Khan personally to persue the case in Judicial courts.

Ironic that MNS is not found guilty in Panama Papers case but found guilty for not declaring his residency status in Dubai. Oh, and for the record:

Elected Prime Ministers in Pakistan

1) Liaquat Ali Khan (murdered)
2) Kh Nazimuddin (dismissed)
3) Mohammad Ali Bogra (dismissed)
4) Ch Mohammad Ali (made to resign)
5) Suhrawardy (made to resign)
6) Feroze Khan Noon (overthrown by coup)
7) Z.A.Bhutto (hanged)
8) Mohammad Khan Junejo (dismissed)
9) Benazir Bhutto (dismissed and then murdered)
10) Mian Nawaz Sharif (dismissed, overthrown)
11) Zafarullah Khan Jamali (dismissed)
12) Shaukat Aziz (went into exile)
13) Yusuf Raza Gilani (removed by Court)
14) Mian Nawaz Sharif (oops….)

History of Nawaz Sharif Family in Urdu

Correct us if we are wrong: PM NS disqualified not being corrupt or found guilty in Panama rather holding an ‘Iqama’ Paper? The republic saved from corruption for the umpteenth time! How does Pakistan feel about Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification? Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan just yesterday is not anymore. Who is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan? Waqar knows.

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