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Unfortunate for the many who were actually listening and idealising his faux, if you read the article, SECP has detailed what violations Mir Ali Khan has done and provided evidences against cirminal methods of his fraud. Given the person’s background and history, we believe, SECP checked a little too late. They should’ve been suspicious much earlier. This man is a bloody fraud! Why on earth do we make a hero out of every jerk out there? He has some 50k followers on his Facebook - and this is very alarming! All these con men who claim fame by self-certified motivational speaking need to be strictly vetted before they can come close to our young minds. We can not let them destroy our youth!

*cough* hypocrisy *cough*

We also see MIR MAK spewing hate speech against “Zionists” (which is a common way to attract mass appeal from Pakistanis and also uses this hate as a base to justify why NY Times wrote the article against him) but we wonder when we start looking into the names of the people on his board and start checking the roots of people on his board, we wonder how many of them will come forward as actually having jewish roots (since he himself claims that most of wallstreet is run by jewish lobbies).

Action is the Essence of Thoughts

Unfortunately, we all have a propensity to fall for anyone who flaunts a foreign degree or a fake angrezi accent.It’s too easy to inspire people with long stories. Your actions need to speak for themselves. Youth should be looking towards activation leaders..not mouth pieces. It’s just this huge conspiracy against this shimmering Knight. The fact that he remains in the news for all the wrong reasons just goes on to prove how right he is, right? These are the allegations made by SECP and we yet have to see how he respond to this. What would interesting for me to see is if he gets diplomatic and use the “Patriotism Card” or respond straight to the allegations. He looks like to be pretty clear what he is up to and knows very well how to use his influence, resources, and skill set to achieve the target.




Also, which is this largest muslim bank on wall street that Mir Ali Khan doesn’t even name?

This isn’t the first time MAK has been in the news. We don’t really understand why SECP would go through all that trouble to nail him. Asking that if he spreads rumors then why people follow him? and if everybody knows it then why they risk their money on his judgement? Well these are very naive questions in economics. Regulators exists to stop people from directing the market based on false news. In every market, whether frontier or developed, this phenomena exists. But there is a responsibility on those investors too who are investing their money on advice without any verified reason. (About GAIL case). They have paid the price by losing the money. But the person who designed scheme and earned 50 million should also pay the price. You would have to accept that you can love him or hate him but he is there in the news for all the good and bad reasons and he is being discussed everywhere.

Check This Out: He was caught before in USA as well. 

MIR posted a video on YouTube responding to the NYTimes article claiming it to be ‘baseless’ and on 14:30 you will see him flaunting names of famous business people who were on his company board.

There are 3 interesting names that caught our eye: “Edward A Heil, R Bret Jenkins and Joseph Antonini” Why did these 3 names catch our eye? Because when you google them - you find some interesting things. Edward A Heil, R Bret Jenkins were sued as partners for fraud by the SECP. More details here: (official litigation doc by US SEC). Joseph Antonini, famous for being CEO of Kmart, was sued by banks. So what does this reveal about MIR MAK? Well, nothing much but for those ‘wise’ enough, it gives them a hint about whether he was really wiser than the wise ones.


SECP has done its homework before releasing the news. Follow the press release and ask 1000s of investors who have been robbed by this criminal. We are glad Pakistani sources are finally recognizing what a complete fraud he is. There will be people, who were previously crying the tears of envy and jealous in a corner, who will now come out and go “Thank you, Nawaz Sharif”.




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