Reminiscing Bold and Classic Pakistani Old Advertisement

Heads up! Drinking is a curse. Just check the stats about the accidents involving drunk drivers and women/children abused by drunk husbands/parents.

But that Johnny made you walk. Now Johnny makes you fly. Stefano Pontecorvo Ambassador of Italy in Pakistan who is working to strengthen friendship and ties with Pakistan recently posted a few advertisements from the time he was here in Islamabad as a kid.  According to this ad, this says it give energy and refreshes in the evening to a tired person but forgot to mention gives hangover drains all the energy in the morning.

Johnnie Walker Old Advertisement

I remember an ad in English where a mouse, having crawled up from a bottle of Johnnie Walker after imbibing a little, sits atop the bottle with his chest thrust out, whiskers pointing up, and bravely shouting: “Where is the cat?” — Aziz Akhmand

The best part it says had special formula to protect from diseases. Plus, this ad tells you how good it is for health. Just like Coke was introduced as Tonic and cough syrup in 1930 proudly wrote it contains Opium.

Sir wish to be in real pure and simple time again when we could take johny walker but and had sense of humanity and respect for human beings. Now no johny walker but even no values no respect for eachother. Johny walker time was golden era of our times. — Liaquat Banori

Here is another old photo of bar in Karachi. Neither do I drink nor intend to promote. Liquor is still accessible, just bluntly confide. It’s not “that” easily accessible. A sence of guilt shame and crime is attached to it. Drinkers are considered as bad.

Hotel Metropole Old Advertisement

This ‘Refreshment Liquor Bar’ was just past Malir turning. In that lovely old sandstone building. Photo courtesy is free image from internet. It dated 1958.

Refreshment Liquor Bar Old Advertisement

That was a time when hypocrisy didn’t exist. Everything is still available yet not visible. “Drinking” is unhealthy. So it may be called bad. But “drinkers” may not be necessarily called bad. There are many “bads” other than this but quite acceptable socially.

I only wish these adverts would get space once again. Life would be so much better in Pakistan. — Urooj Hussein

Cough Syrup Old Advertisement

So is music defined as the “Mosiquee aik sazaa”. A real blast from the past.

Orient National Old Advertisement.

Car was a devil instrument too. That time drunk driving was not a big issue. Drunk driving in Pakistan, just imagine.

Car Old Advertisement

The early days Pakistan were truly Modern and Western in culture. Remeber that PIA Advert. Today such advertisements have become part of the past. That was the time when Russian were not in Afghanistan, we were not terrorists, and Pakistan was developing. More tolerance and chilled. Religion was one’s personal business. It says all how a liberal, tolerant, open and progressive Pakistan was turned into what it is today. It wasn’t possible if the west hadn’t supported the dictators like Zia for their own benefits. Kindly do acknowledge that Pakistan was turned upside down with the backing of west. In the end, to whom it may concern. Alcohol was banned by Bhutto, not Gen Zia. And it was due to immense public pressure. Alcohol is prohibited in Islam and Pakistan base is The Islamic Republic.


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