Kamyab Jawan Fraud Scheme By Usman Dar Minister of Youth Affairs

This is an official member list from government. Apparently, Mian Hassan Shakeel is among the eligible youngsters to fall in the criteria of representing Pakistan at international level. He is said to have applied accordingly and got selected. Mian Hassan is the same guy who accused Usman Dar of seeking 50 Lakh for a MPA seat ticket from his father.

Pakistani Delegates

Supposedly the people who were supposed to join this delegation had to demonstrate exceptional academics or gold medalists.

Kamyab Jawan

What was criteria of merit? Gold medal, being a Topper, NFC award winner? In following picture only 2 of them are gold medalist. On what basis the rest got selected?
Usman Dar Compensates Mian Hassan Youth Parliamentarian
Typical پاکستانی style selection. The son of Mian Shakeel, ex-PTI candidate and now on senior post. They selected them on reference. They even did not bother to do advertisement. There was no criteria or merit for selection. They randomly selected few candidates on reference and sent them to China.
Rich becoming rich and poor becoming poor, despite that IK has a vision of balancing but this shows opposite of it selection being made in it on what method? If your govt is unable to do balance then so must resign your voters did not give you vote for this.

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