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Srikanth Bolla

Don’t underestimate the power of a common man. He is Srikanth Bolla, a 24-year-old blind entrepreneur. He secured 90% in boards. IITs and NITs reject him to write competitive exams, he applied overseas, and got selected in 4 of the best colleges ever created on Earth: MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon. After returning from US in 2012, he launched Bollant Industries, where 60% of employees are poor & physically challenged. His company is now worth Rs 50 Cr & 450 people work with him. An observation to help people unfamiliar with the term Crore (cr), as in “Rs 50 cr,” is that 1 crore rupees = 10 million rupees. Recently, Ratan Tata invested in his venture. Just have a right approach in life and everything will fall in place.

Srikanth Bolla can’t be restricted!

It’s indeed a great achievement.. but there is a lesson too for the Indian Education System. There is a need to think outside the box and move away from conventional education system. India has one of the worst educational institutions. IITs and IIMs are just names… Today the education system is a business, if you want to put your kid in so-called good school you need money, influence, etc…  In fact, if we want to speak with the school principal we need to book appointments 10-15 times…that what happens… Few know what happens inside their colleges. And politics have no influence on anything?

Srikanth Bolla is CEO and founder of Bollant Industries. He is the first international blind student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Wikipedia

He was able to see opportunities and overcome his own disadvantages despite the fact he is blind and was poor, in India. And on top of that , and we quote him :”do something good; it will come back to you.” Seriously, after reading about people like Srikanth Bolla, we should all have 0 complaints. Perseverance always pays. your determination will serve as inspiration for many.

Never Give Up Always Look for a New Hope, Target and Goals:

It’s sad to see Indian industry shun great talent who are physically challenged. Institutions need to look at talent differently from just exam based evaluation. Time to revisit the rules. Pathetic thing is why reputed educational institutes don’t appreciate such a tremendous talent!!! That’s why US is flourishing with entrepreneur’s. India is just starting to catch up thanks to present Govt’s initiatives or else old Govt’s are very lazy idiots. But God helps them who help themselves… It is always said the all of us are physically challenged unless we put to use all the gifts given to us by GOD for good purpose. Equal opportunities for all. Life comes a full circle. Motivation, passion and goals allow you to succeed in life.


A truly inspiring life story that sees adversity as a surmountable and not a pretext for laggardly achievement. It’s also a sad commentary on the Indian ecosystem that regards physical disability with such disdain. Srikanth Bolla has inspired many… People are Awesome! and also Great Ratan Tata has shown how sometimes you invest not for profit but to improve others lifestyle. Srikanth Bolla has shown Nothing is Impossible in the Life. An inspiration for many to make them believe that where there is a will, there is a way… Best wishes for you Srikanth. No excuses. Just keep on moving ahead to make dreams come true. 

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