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Success in r attitude

For the pessimist, the glass is half empty. For the optimist, it is half full. Moving away from, or leaving conventional businesses is lauded as and when compared to innovating and bringing new ideas to predisposed plans. But do you know that renovating a house is more difficult as compared to building a new one. Ironically being glass half empty person will give you positive, encouraging feelings and make you happier. Because half of the time you’re right and the other half of the time you’re pleasantly surprised.  Winston Churchill said it as well “attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference”.

It’s not about whether the glass is half-empty or half-full, it’s about making the most of whatever is in the glass. – Rachel Wojo

There are only three things you can control: 1) Right Actions 2) Right Reactions 3) Right Attitude! Our actions might define our destiny but mind and perspective are the generals of our actions. Endless negativity murders enthusiasm. It’s just so draining.

Right Attitude determines if you are an opportunist

Right attitude is everything and it determines every aspect of your life. You either have something in the glass or you don’t. You like whats there, add more. If you don’t, pour it out and start over. In other words, keep success in perspective, your inner critic can be your worst enemy if you use the wrong measurement of success. Your inner parent can be your greatest asset if you know what success means to you. The Opportunist drinks what’s there and moves on to the next glass. To sustain your grandparent’s heritage and inheritance is more liked than having to destroy the wealth and not multiplying it.

Right attitude is king

Having a fortune of your own is much more appreciated than being appraised as someone who carried the legacy of incumbent. Attitudes are based upon belief systems, simply telling someone they need to be positive to succeed is as much use a chocolate fireguard. A belief system can be changed and can be changed quite quickly in some cases and not at all in others. So it matters not what right attitude is but how it was formed. Know that and therein lies the answer to your real success. Having the right attitude does not come about by accident; it comes from establishing the very best working practices and habits.

It is all about Right Attitude

The “Empty” of “Full” are just perceptions in our mind. For human beings ( real ones;)) “success” is like perfection : one fights all of her/his life to achieve it; however the “road” is all that matters, as perfection / “success” never gains enough Altitude. We like a lot the words of Salvador Dali :

Do not feel afraid of perfection, because you will never achieve it.

It’s often too easy to get caught up in the mire and let the head go down. “Do the right things and the rights things will happen”.

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