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Many who kept on knocking at the door of TCS Hazir customer service and got nothing except repeat blunders? Dr. Muhammad Iqbal - Lawn Project ConsultantCEO at Retail Doctor elaborated deep concerns on one of the Professional Networking Platforms and labeled 8000+ TCS Hazir employees as fools and started targeting the CEO of that organisation:

TCS has hired a bunch of fools including the CEO because they simply cannot assist a customer for a simple case of delayed shipment. I booked a shipment on January 27 for Islamabad and as of today the idiots sitting at TCS don’t know why there is a delay. The CEO is busy attending conferences abroad and joining hands with other major players. The CEO has forgotten that customers should be the highest priority & should be facilitated on an urgent basis if there is a delay. Shame on you TCS.

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A huge number of affectees profusely appeared to support the concerns as the LinkedIn post is getting viral and that would help you understand the magnitute of problems inside this company starting from the top. It’s never at the bottom. The CEO from TCS Hazir did write a pacifying explanation like he didnt know what was taking place inside for which he was praised by many. Resultantly, riders ( the usual suspects) got into trouble. The problem lies at Departmental Heads’ level. Either they need to be reprimanded / trained or what we have noticed in most organizations in Pakistan, they have not been delegated with full powers to act within the ambit of their sphere of influence. There seems to be a lapse in adopting effective strategic marketing by TCS Hazir. They have lost their sales narrative.

Mr. Mannan wouldn’t have bothered to reply on this forum. Some of the senior management from TCS touched base with me privately and do you still think I lost the weightage? I know very well who’s who in the zoo here therefore once in a while one has to put the culprits on the wall of shame & this is the perfect forum. Don’t you see several other victims here as well who have gone through the same episode.

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Now, you will agree TCS like other logistic companies is Sethia run despite technological revolutions such as yayvo. As such changes like delegation is a pipe dream which keeps on adding to the frustration of the CEO and the biggest stake holder, the customers. Under these circumstances, customers need platform to express their frustrations and at times get carried away for which they cannot be blamed. TCS Hazir at this moment should promote Knowledge Fear Love strategy.

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On the other hand, any grievance might be valid but this one in particular has definitely lost its due weightage for the inappropriate use of language. We are not advocating for TCS Hazir but of the opinion that the delays, errors are part of process and cannot be eliminated 100%. That is why the experts always measure the process on SIGMA scale. Even the process of some of the renowned Japaneses companies operate with high-tech resources are at Six-Sigma level (i-e; their process efficiency is 99.9997%) slightly lower than 100%. So let us appreciate the way a CEO of Pakistani company has taken the issue seriously and atleast committed to fix it. However, we still believe that Mr. Manaan’s response should have the measurable element to justify the claim of “generally on time”. It would be good if Mr. Manaan did share the the performance of delayed-deliveries or timely-deliveries as the Key Performance Indicator  to justify that things are progressing well.

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