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New Year Night DHA Car Accident: Driver was Not at Fault

By January 2, 2018 No Comments

Hope the driver gets locked up for the rest of their life if they were drunk. We don’t need such reckless drivers on the road anywhere. To be honest, the driver was not at full fault with the given civic sense of the nation combined, without proper signage and unwanted interruption to block youth (mostly on bikes) celebrating the new year’s eve. Why is it only someone on a superior vehicle at fault? We need to see that too. I am guilty of that too.

How was it NOT the drivers fault?

Explaination: A Honda Civic of this model will reach to 100 km/hr in roughly 9 seconds requiring to cover more than 840 ft (only if assuming constant speed). In this 200 ft stretch the car would have transversed for 4.2 s before impact (had the car been locked at alleged over speeding). Where as this acceleration is not uniform, and the car in the footage is also seen to change lanes, as the curve around the corner makes the first lane driver be so accute despite its obtuse nature of turn mostly making cars in second lane to switch lane to first by speeding. With this in mind, the car has taken rougly 6 seconds to impact (also confirmed from video above see: 18s-24s). Making its speed to reduce well below 80 km/hr prescribed speed limit that exists for the two course boulevard.

Wondering if this person was driving within the given speed limits then surely they must’ve been able to brake on time. Again according to laws of Physics, with Anti Braking System in place and average rotational resistance combined with static friction takes a car to cover a distance of 80 m ~ 94 m including distance of reaction distance, breaking distance and total stopping distance. Which he never achieved anways. He was fast, agreed, but not more than 60km/hr.

Our police just does not know how to carryout snap checking and erecting road blocks. In civilized countries, Police place blinkers and put a couple of cops on the roads gesturing motorists to slow down before the the actual road block. But here, cops just come out on the road, place a barrier and start their proceedings out of the blue. In Karachi also this a huge problem which is further compounded when such road blocks are put up at night because more than 70% of Karachi’s street lights don’t even work. I passed through the same junction in DHA the same day. There weren’t any hazards and there aren’t any on most of these check points.

Some Fair Questions:

It’s attempted murder, if not murder. What do you know about attempted murder?

It’s a easy case for lawyer to disprove murder and have its clients released on bail.

Was there any intention involved? 

Still if you think could the driver not see the vehicles stalled? He did change the course of impact. Would have gone for the same trying to reach for lesser direct impact. Unintended.

How on Earth could this driver not see a couple of cars almost immobile and a  check post while there were men standing in the road?

Was there any Hazard light or sign board to alert the driver? No. It is not a usual place to find blockade. The snap checking was uncalled for and we know all these stopages are what for. 

Barriers were installed in the middle of road without any reflectors. Why?

To attract Rishwat, to harass. 

Disclaimer: If you ride a Prius, a carry dabba, a rickshaw, or a motor bike with its extenders like from mad max or a car which is applied for since ages or not have had its shaaaper (seat cover protection) removed; you won’t get it.

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