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Most of the Pakistanis search for a job after their graduation. Knowledge and resources about entrepreneurship is limited that is why they prefer to work for others. Universities are throwing a graduate in the market having no communication skills, no presentation skills, no concept of critical thinking. It is not the fault of students completely. The fault lies in our education system. Only a previliged class has resources in hands to start own business. Rest of them are tilted towards govt job that gets them salary without putting too much effort. Working in private sector needs energy, reselience and competency. Those who have the above mentioned abilities can find their due worth in private sector. It is unlikely for competent and skilled workers to be jobless. They somehow get their due worth in the highly competitive environment. The people who are left behind either go to the middle east or europe to earn their bread and better. Life in pakistan is easy as compared to the western countries in respect of working hours, less taxes and minimum cost of life.

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These are the few things which could be done for betterment of students:

1) Mentoring! Universities should conduct a weekly mentoring session for students where professionals from industry should guide them about the problems which they will face in practical life and the skills they should develop in their university life. Read: Are You the Stupidest Person in the Room?

2) Motivate students to engage in more social activities. Encourage them to participate in debates, declamtion competitions. Give them opportunities to improve their communication skills.

3) Universities are hiring more and more fresh graduates to teach undergrad students. How a fresh grad will guide students about practical life when he himself doesnt have much experience about it. At this stage students need someone who can teach them and familarize them with whats going on outside the university, that whats going on in the market and only an experienced teacher can do that.

4) Raise the salaries of teachers. Provide them more facilities so that more experienced and intellectual people should come under this profession.

5) Remove irrelevant courses. Add up to date courses. Encourage student's to think about the subject rather then focusing on rote learning. Our Universities should also add some courses regarding how to become an entrepreneur from the initial stage through this we all are able to stable ourself in this corporate world and many more as well.

6) In fact, there should be a 30 minute session on daily basis in last 2 semesters at least on Employability Skills Enhancement. Do you know Why is Pakistan Bad at Innovation?

The issue is not just related to universities. When fresh graduates don't find jobs after graduation, they are bound to suffer. Universities don't have proper link-up with the industry and the economic situation is such that jobs are not readily available for fresh grads. In crux, find a lower level summer job in company or industry you are target; find a mentor outside of the university; learn to deal with finances and maintain friendships.

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