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5 Immersive Technology Predictions Meaning End of Capitalism!

God, our Creator, has placed three boundaries for our well being. These are Space, Time and Life. However, we have been attempting to cross these divinely imposed limitations for our own good. And we have no idea what are the eternal consequences of these efforts. We need to humble ourselves and submit to the divine revelation on these matters. Living a self made life is not a sustainable truth. The world as we know it will disappear and we will all be dependent on some kind of a huge database that control essential day to day activities. This could be the leading edge of the next “singularity”.

1) Universe (big bang);

2) Brain expansion;

3) Hunting economy;

4) Farming economy;

5) Industrial economy;

6) Immersive Technology economy.

At each switch, so far, the event doubled in size at regular interval (few millennia for agriculture and a few centuries for industrial). But then we suddenly switched to a new era of 60 to 250 times growth rate. 6th singularity can be summarized as

“…a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed.”

- Ray Kurzweil - 2006.

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Is Shared Economy the End of Capitalism?

We know from history that we are nearly unable to predict second and third degree effects of these societal revolutions. The later often have much more profound effects on society than the obvious first degree effects. The problem is not about personal ownership, it is about private ownership of means of production and resources. Personal ownership is non a issue in this kind of economy. Well on one side our lives will be controlled by corporate companies and other hand there could be an end of capitalism, this seems to us as a start of new type of capitalism, neo capitalism, i.e. controlling lives of people through technology, war and media. Who rule three of them will rule.

Robots will replace humans. Aging must be approached with dignity, being 100 isn’t all its cracked up to be. Power will condense. Capitalism will implode, it is inefficient, governments will merge with cooperation’s, no need or taste for democracy. Blackmail and subterfuge will determine personal consequence. All is 50/50, love/hate, just like climate change and mass extinctions, speak now or forever hold your peace. Despite that, the future seems scary, we choose to live in optimism, fantasy dispenses its own rewards. The following 5 immersive technology predictions will blow your mind as Internet of Things becomes a common house hold subject leading to the end of Capitalism:

1. Experiential Marketing

Now as we are stepping into the age of 5G the amount of fear from the path technology is taking us is increasing, we wonder which need more investments and development: Fields like Energy, Food and Medicine or creating a bigger pipelines for data to decrease the delay and latency of video streaming or allow machines communicating faster, while technology is taking big steps in one field it is moving very slow in more needed fields, yes we are afraid of the future not until companies from Pakistan like Enekon and Wifigen step in to leave a positive mark with immersive technology concepts.

2. Smart Homes Automation

Automation industry is on the move only because of product quality,cost cutting and percision of work. In my opinion industry is being developed for the service of humenbeing and the economical cycle and life cycle is intigerated one can’t break this chain and distroy the balance of global economy. Robot will rule the galaxy. Many companies currently offer IoT-enabled devices, such as Pacific Gas and Electric’s smart meters that allow residents to track their residential energy consumption and Zipcar’s seamless car rental process that eliminates the need for human agents altogether. The market for IoT is set to boom: 50 billion objects are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020. Clipsal by Schneider, working in Pakistan, is an industry lead in home automation.

3. Artificial Intelligence at Workplace and on Roads

The fact that AI exists is because of capitalism. If capitalism ends, then AI ends. AI won’t sprung up from nothing, even if they self replicates themselves as in SciFi movie like Terminator according to Jon Von Neumann’s self replication machine, the materials for robots to built robots themselves won’t materialize out of thin air. Economics means of production still exists. Someone has to produce the raw materials, be it a mining company that’s listed on Stock market, which buys trucks from another vehicle manufacturer, etc, etc, and so forth in order for productions to take place. What intimates us is two things 1st) who will control and monitor the daily transactions of this database and for what purpose? 2nd) what if the system crashes after we become depending on it.

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Think driverless vehicles on manufacturing floor in the 80s. Think all the great break throughs in the last 20 years in medicine and you will have a hard time to properly rank them. Both are ongoing developments that should not be scary. Universal Basic Income is going to have to become a more widespread alternative before the majority of our workforce is rendered obsolete by tech. No crime because the super-intelligence knows how to influence people to do the right thing. Or no freedom because the super-intelligence does not allow you to chose your decisions. We evolved. We were not created. The’ PUPPET MASTERS’ spun a story that was never intended to be known by other people. The Romans, unwittingly acted as a Trojan Horse to this myth manual. The rest is history.

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4. Social Media Banks

Socialism is very possible as our general intelligence level is dumbed down by government education and the politically correct approach to news and entertainment, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If we strive for greatness and fairness, capitalism will produce the best results and the most personal liberty - a win that the Founders thought worth the risk of being hanged as traitors. Social Media Banks mean new begining of LinkedIn, new begining of Facebook, new begining of Lockheed, new beginingof Intel, new begining Microsoft, new begining of AT&T and so forth. Capitalism is just another way of saying personal liberty and that is a priority set by and valued by individuals who know by history and personal experience that social collective systems don’t work in the long run and aren’t very fun to operate in, possibly dangerous to operate within.

Data Mining Abuse

The biggest abuse of data was between 1933 and 1945 in Germany. Looking at that one, abuse of your data really is frightening and not only scary. There is a reason why Germans especially tend to be obsessed with privacy and “Datensparsamkeit” (only provide data that really is necessary) and right to be forgotten and similar topics more. The majority of people are actually losers in capitalism. But most don’t want to acknowledge this harsh truth and therefore fight against systemic change. The hope of being one of the few winners in capitalism is similar to the hope of winning the lottery. Only difference: in capitalism the results are rigged by where you start from, while winning the lottery is random. Is mankind morphing into something so computerized where human voice, touch, vision, creativity and empathy are so quickly or will ever be obsolete within the workforce?

5. E-Learning E-Land E-Health

College debt being a bubble that will have to burst. And companies finding professional development, certification and specific course work as valuable hiring tools in leau of formal education. Our guess is the whole paradigm around education is going to have to shift. And all those old people are going to need caregivers. That is where socialized medicine could really help since we won’t have the standard of living we do now. Infrastructure is going to need a major overhaul as we introduce more aerial vehicles and unmanned cars.

Feudalism was based on reciprocal needs. Both parties benefitted. Automate labour and the creative do not need the masses. They build a business with one employee and sell only to their super rich peers. Those on the outside are not exploited; they are not needed. We could also support small family farmers with land grants and small business loans instead of giving subsidies to big corporations by closing those loopholes in our current programs. There are already land trusts leasing to small farmers in a land preservation partnership. We have a lot of federal and state land that we could work with. Farms do not have to be detrimental to the environment. States could be given incentives to bring back family farms and support vocational training. We could actually anticipate and plan for this instead of allowing it to happen.

Editorial Remarks on Immersive Technology

Robots and AIs will take our jobs. We do not want to underestimate the ability of entrepreneurs to capitalize on the availability of more workers to utilize in imaginative and innovative ways to create opportunities and jobs. Space is to be explored, planets discovered and colonization of those planets will result in humans migrating through out the universe. Technology is only giving us the ability to overcome the challenges associated with the evolution of mankind. Our thinking just has to adjust to the full possibility of technology and not be afraid. The world was not flat in 1492 and the earth is only home base in an endless universe in 2017. On ward and Upward!!

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