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Are you developing new ways and new strategies to develop into a new organized individual. Are you reading enough management books? Practice CAN make perfect, practice is needed to make perfect, but ineffective practice, all your life, can still lead you nowhere. It is absolutely essential that, if you are practicing, you are practicing correctly. Perhaps the best example of this is learning piano where so many ineffective practice methods (such as Hanon) have been taught for over a hundred years that piano has gained a reputation as a difficult thing to learn. Practice makes us new ideas, habitats, make controlling power, it’s only thing make u perfect in your field.

Train your mind to function like a Feedback circuit

How could this helps us become masters of managing people? We remember that leadership too requires practice. It’s just as important for you as it is for a child and their piano lessons, or a Grand Chess Master, or an elite athlete. Repetition leads to the strengthening of certain neural pathways via mechanisms of synaptic plasticity. It was recently discovered that practice also makes the motor cortex more efficient. Observe and analyze leaders in your industry of why they’ve made that stupid mistakes. Repetition is the basis of all wisdom. And a sign of commitment. Don’t repeat mistakes. This will change your Neuro-Linguistic Program in your brain and it learns from mistake also make your brain to operate in a way that it will not take you to older path of the earlier work you accomplished so once you go on practicing it will change the pattern in which it operates and makes you better in that field. That is how it works.

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Communicate, correlate and coordinate

You can touch the truth only if you put your assumptions into practice. Otherwise they will always be assumptions. Superior skill may be acquired predominantly through practice rather than be the product of some general ability or talent. In managing a team, you might think you don’t have the time for a lot of practice. The truth is, in just a few minutes a day you can develop the skills used by the very best leaders. Great managers set and communicate a clear vision with their team, they communicate transparently and pull the best ideas out of their people, they talk monthly with their direct reports about their career development, and they recognize great achievements every day. That’s a manager’s practice. Pretty soon it becomes second nature.

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Repetition is the father of learning

Know the ends/outs/hoops of your company’s strength’s and weaknesses. Mastery of most things can be accomplished in 10000 hours of practice according to the Outlier series author Malcolm Gladwell. What kills people in the mountains is the lack of appropriate training (skills), awareness of own physical condition/limitations, lack of proper planning (underestimating meteorological conditions), and ultimately not keeping ego in check. Your brain automatically adapts to become better at everything you do on a regular basis. Be a mentor to your employees of why they have to voice their opinion about your company. New studies indicate that practice is only one area required, because of the diverse nature of business the variables can be too great to absorb through practice alone, thus requiring another element we like to call creative living.



Leadership can be acquired through practice

The idea that mastery can only be accomplished with no boundaries, and through a variety of ways or directions. Charles Branson created Virgin which now has over 400 companies. Charles Branson started from selling records in suitcase stands in and around London’s underground stations and he’s now worth 5 Billion. He is a creative liver. Mutual governance among each other should produce parallel goal in management. And as much as possible minimize usage of company’s time and garbage meetings that does not make sense. Focus instead of employees and employer alike about pro-activeness of running an effective and efficient company with the right formulas of the execution process “SUCCESS”.


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