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Muniba Mazari Husband Side of Story (Offensive to Feminazi)

I’ve got something to say about Muniba Mazari’s hot topic taking the internet by storm. I first heard Muniba Mizari at a TEDxIslamabad conference. She gave a truly inspiring speech though. With this the whole audience gave a rise ovation with huge clapping and tears in eyes. And icing on the cake if the presenter is gorgeous, fiery orator, killing smile and last but not the least having skills to play with the emotions of the audience, then it’s quite obvious that people will start believing on her story.

Until today I learnt in a social media thread about Muniba Mazari’s claim that she was just lying on national tv to save her marriage. She did not (while her TEDx Speach) point the role of her husband in rescuing then. It is a fact it left me in a paradox. May be she did not want to speak on her husband’s role then. More recently, all her statements are confusing. Now, that her “Jobless” brother is her finance manager, I am sure her husband was evil. The hubby has sued her for money (for defaming him on social media) and the people (Million of followers due to her mentoring skills) are blindly labeling him as a douche bag. Let’s make it little easier by segregation. Are you still wondering about Muniba Mazari net worth.

Muniba Mazari has given these statements thus far (Revealed on different forums):

» I belong to a conservative family, forced to get married at my teenage. (I didn’t fall for any Fighter Pilot’s caliber man)

» Accident was hubby’s fault. (As it only caused me a paralysis of my lower body)

» Deprived of obligatory medical treatment.

» In-laws left me to die. (Stopped looking after me as per need)

» Hubby started taking me for granted as I was no more cornucopian to him.

» Finally he divorced me. (Though I begged for his company)

» Life become hell status.

» I adopted a child to fill my empty life.

» Then I decided that I’m not gonna sit back to collect sympathies, I’ll rise like an iron lady and here I’m.

Fact Check:

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Time for a twist in the whole Muniba Mazari story

As we all know in such cases a patient easily gets inferiority complex and try hard to prove himself not any less than a normal person. Same was the case with Muniba, she started working social welfare. Social work gradually expanded to a next level, from home to embassies and from diplomatic meetings to foreign delegations workshops and Ambassadorships.

The Keys to a Long Term Passionate Marriage

Now this was the point where it offended her hubby due to two reasons:

  1. In defence forces, it’s no way allowed for an officer’s spouse to carry on meetings with foreign delegations or visits of foreign embassies, as it’s against the rules and regulations of Pakistan air force.
  2. Our societal values doesn’t allow a girl to spend her maximum time outside home being busy in social work and that too with such health condition.

Well, I personally blame her for her greed of fame. She is appointed as peace ambassador, advisor for disabled people of the country and also brand ambassador for many corporate firms. In spite of achieving so many things yet she’s giving such scripted statements on social forums to grab more sympathies and to prove herself an iron lady of the century by using fabulously that woman card. When her hubby tried to convince her for decreasing her social business, like any other iron lady (who has an eye on achieving the highness of fame) she left her in-laws with adopted child. And within six months filed a case in Islamabad high court for divorce from her hubby which was granted later on.

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Aphoristic Conclusion

Every story has different sides. No one has any right to jump to conclusion and pass comments on anyone’s life without knowing the true story behind such scripted emotional statements.We’re living in an era where we people are more fueled by drama than a reality. The presenters on the stage try their level best to play with the emotions of the audience than producing facts infront. They portray a scripted series of events in a way that people start believing on it. It would be far better for her and her ex-hubby to forgive each other, walk away, let it go and move on. But if.

Reminds me of famous poetical verse:

محبتیں کبھی زنجیر پا نہیں ہوتیں ___
نہ چل سکو تو بچھڑ جاؤ دوستوں کی طرح ___

Corporate Disclaimer: Can we wait and let the judges decide instead of calling her hubby a villain of the story way too early. If she lied about him she will pay for it and if it’s the other way around it will become court certified truth and she will have more crediblity. Or atleast choose to read one of the following disclaimers paying attention to which ever side favors you the most.

Feminazi Disclaimer: Could everyone stop acting like a Phupoo in others life? No one knows how their marriage fell apart, no one knows what she’s been through. You can not judge a person unless you step in their shoes and walk around in them. Stop with the hatred please.

Chauvinistic Male Disclaimer: If celebrities like her (eager for fame) could have little bit of dignity not to retaliate on social media, the true sense of dignity would be restored. If Muniba would have kept it secret (if she thinks her hubby has done bad to her) it would increase her respect level but she is using it as a trim card for revenge.

Credits: We are summarising a status from Mr Ali Ahsin after his comment on a Facebook thread caught our attention.

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