Sat. Jun 15th, 2019

[Exclusive Interview] Organizational Diagnostics with Shakeel Raja

Shakeel Raja is a management consultant with experience of serving Pakistan Army, Dawlance, Interwood, Ruba Group who has talked about his distinctive services that will help the audience excel in their respective fields by default. With 17 years of practical experience in the fields of sales, marketing, OD, hard-core Product management, HR development plus 6 years of experience with Pakistan Army as Infantry officer (Retired Lieutenant), Mr. Shakeel Raja thinks that this is the right time to broaden the horizons of the scope of his working as free-lance trainer and consultant with the rapidly expanding corporate sector of Pakistan and abroad.

Mr. Shakeel Raja suggests three must-have individual characteristics for anybody to exceed namely optimism in attitude, perseverance against challenges with consistency, and keeping up-to-date. He speaks on the importance of training in integrating ideas with resources. According to him, money does not make or break the business, the problem lies in the gap between resources and mindset of idea execution while staying realistic and looking for gradual step wise growth.

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